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MUA Susie2023's TKR Recovery

@Susie2023 so glad to hear you’re improving! A compression knee sleeve really helped me with swelling too. I wore it daily for quite a while. Which kind did you get?
I bought Doc Miller's compression Stocking from Amazon. Someone on the forum mentioned them, could've been you! I got the open toe to thigh.

Today my stomach wasn't feeling well. Could be all the meds. So I only took what I needed to, no pain med. With the stocking on, the zingers and nerve pain have been ok. I hope they subside soon.

My zingers and nerve pain get worse starting around 5. I felt so bad last night, I didn't make dinner for hubs because I was hurting. So I've decided I need to cook during the day, he can heat meals up. And casseroles go a long way.
During your not-so-good times, can't your husband cook for you? Your knee is telling you that you need to rest. The increase in discomfort at night is a sign that your knee is telling you to not do so much during the day.
Awe, he has been taking care of me since 12/27 and our farm while still working. He commutes 1.15 hours each way, but like the other night, he got stuck in a bridge opening, sitting in traffic 2 hours. The traffic has gotten so bad in our area. So no, during the week he's not able to cook. On the weekends he can. And sometimes we pick up carry out. He's been a trooper.
Week 13 from TKR, 10 days from MUA. At PT yesterday, I am hovering at 103 supine. Stair lunges are awesome and learning to properly walk down steps. Incorporating more balance exercises. The bike is at a standstill. Back to pumping back and forth to do it correctly. Pt said the way I was doing it was aggravating inside knee causing swelling. I'm continuing to do gentle range of motion exercises at home. I've not been feeling well the last few days. Thought maybe a stomach bug but now wondering if all these meds are upsetting my stomach. So now weaning myself, may cause withdrawals...maybe.
now wondering if all these meds are upsetting my stomach.
It could well be. Many of us have had stomach problems from the medication. If you still need pain medication, you might want to ask your doctor to prescribe a stomach protectant. I found it helpful.
The pain meds eventually had an adverse (putting it mildly) effect on my gut. I was able to wean off of them. Can't remember at what week during recovery. You'll know when to try.
If my hubs tried cooking for me I'm sure that would have a worse effect on my gut.:loll:
So last night I took Tylenol and my BP medication, and 1 CBD gummie. Woke up at 3am, watched 1.5 hrs Bewitched and Leave it to Beaver. Grabbed my strap and did toe to bottom stretches, which I don't do well.

While my range of motion has improved and my OS got what he got under anesthesia, I still have a sticking point. I am praying, trying not to worry, that I don't have another issue. This whole knee thing is so mentality taxing. Today I'm going to get some seed germination pods and start some seeds. I don't feel interested in much anymore, which is sad. I feel so homebound. I hate every part of my home where I've been convalescing.

I've got one more month of pt. I've been taking pain med before I go but now with my stomach acting up, may not be able to do that anymore. Plus I worry about addiction/withdrawals from this stuff.

Hoping to get to church Easter Sunday.
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I got back to church on my 5th week out. I used my walker, carried a pillow to elevate, an ice pack, and sat on the very back row. The round trip was almost an hour, which added to my activity time. The rest of the day I just rested, iced, and elevated. It took till Tuesday for the knee to settle back down. These things can be such brats. Every time I did more than it liked, it swelled way up so I could hardly bend it again. Once that swelling went down, I was back to where I was before angering the 'brat'. BTW, that is what I named mine: The Brat! Whenever I did something it didn't like, it threw a fit, just like a bratty kid!
I've got one more month of pt. I've been taking pain med before I go
Taking pain meds before PT is really not recommended because it can mask pain that serves an important purpose: to tell you that you are doing too much or doing something your knee is not ready to do. You can end up setting yourself back by masking that pain. It's wiser to wait and take your pain med afterwards.
Better day, thankfully. Must've had a stomach bug after all. Did my exercises at home today, made full rotation on bike, which made me and my husband both very happy! Much needed encouragement.

Pt tomorrow with no pain meds!
Yay for a full rotation on the bike, Susie! It takes baby steps. :yay:
Go slow and easy in PT tomorrow, remember who the boss is. That be you! :yes:
Wishing you a great session and a wonderful week!
watched 1.5 hrs Bewitched and Leave it to Beaver.
Love this! Bewitched and Beaver were a couple of my faves.
During Covid I started watching 'That Girl" remember that one. The good old days! :wink:
I pulled it up on YouTube and watched it there. Brought back lots of memories, her clothes, home decor, all of it. So fun to watch. I hope you have a nice week, Susie!
Pt was great today! Bike good, knee/leg mobilization great. Worked on balance, stepping up/down, standing on foam and tapping foot on block, loading bent leg on that flat bottom rubber dome then stepping back, Introduced some hamstring work - sitting on chair, walking forward using both feet, then moving backwards using surgical leg (foot under chair, pushing forward to straight).

Trying to step down with each foot definitely requires mind over matter. Oh, and another one, standing on shallow box, stepping down with nonsurgical foot, heel first, then bring back up. Thank goodness for the bars!

I told her I didn't think my rom would be too good supine because of the swelling. She said, really, how often do we need to be in that position? Whoo hoo!!! Non rom pressure day! My motion is good otherwise.

Oh, another new thing. Since surgery, I haven't felt my foot fall asleep. This past week I can feel it when it happens now!
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Man, to be able to bend my knee and do full rotations now on my Recumbent is so joyous! After being so stuck, thinking I'd never regain motion and now can, is overwhelming and fills my heart with emotion! And, I just out of habit crossed my legs!!! Not for long, but I'm able to do it!

I know I'm only 1/4 into my healing year but feeling more hopeful now.

I see my OS tomorrow. I hope he'll say, "see you next year"!
Yay! All your knee needs to time and you're seeing that happening as it heals!
Good luck with your appointment today.
I hope you hear the words you want to hear..."See You Next Year" :wink:
Let us know how it goes if you feel like sharing, Happy Wednesday!

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