THR LadyJ has a new hip and is doing well.

Thank you. I tried to get an appointment with my GP but they are booked solid so it looks like the 8.00 am dash in the morning.
I have spoken to the NHS 111 doctor and she doesn’t think I have any dangerous symptoms, but probably need even stronger pain killers, because I need to be able to move about to get my back better.
I hope to be firmly back on the road to recovery soon.
I think this is almost certainly to do with the muscles, tendons, nerves etc being made to move in ways that they haven’t done for a long time.
Trying, as always to stay positive!
Bless you both for thinking of me.
I was able to have a telephone appointment with the GP this morning. I have an appointment booked first thing Monday morning with the practice physio.
Hopefully back on the road to recovery soon.
@ladyj Well done! These days it's a bit hit and miss with trying to get treatment here. Do let us know how your appointment goes on Monday.
A lot better now, although my back muscles feel incredibly weak. I am walking better, with no limp.
Back to taking short walks outside my house, which is fine as our bungalow is built in an arboretum so the trees are lovely at present.
Also regular visits by muntjac deer, and yesterday, partridges.
I think I need to learn patience though………..
Your scenery sounds peaceful and lovely. I'm just coming off severe back ache for over a month and now I'm fine. Had MRI, X-Rays, spine doctor visit and had made appt to get some shots in my back but I canceled that appt caused my back feels fine now, just needed time to heal after I thought I was 20 again running around a restaurant for 6 hours on my feet. Reality knocked me back on my heels, (back)! LOL!
I did stretching exercises and ice and heat.
I dog sat this weekend and walked over 5 miles with my little friend.
Felt great.
I wish you improvement, yes, patience my friend.
Oh, you are doing well.
I am trying to strengthen everything by moving little and often. We went out to lunch today, which only required me to walk from the car park to the pub, no problems there.
I am doing little household tasks too, which seems fine.
I have the physio’s number if I need it too.
I would love to do a short shopping trip by next week.
keep going……
I think I am at about week 22. I went out all day yesterday, not too much walking, and although I went to bed about 1.0 in the morning, I woke up at 12.00 noon.
I had good day yesterday and felt almost normal but still completely exhausted from just doing ordinary things.
I don’t know how long this is going to continue.
Still, onwards and upwards!
Still have days that by 3PM in afternoon I feel like I'm wiped out. Yesterday I did a lot of cooking for the weekend. My Partner's Mom has dementia and he watches her on Friday and Sunday so I prepare and cook the meals needed for those two days.
Went out and met a friend for breakfast then began cooking around noon. By 5PM I was done, and I mean DONE!
Of course I'm 71 but in my mind don't feel my age at all, but I'm sure that enters into the equation.
I say just give into it and relax when you can, what else can we do???
I'm an early riser so my days start pretty early, I'm at my best between 6AM and 3PM!!! LOL!
Have a great day.
You do make me feel better! I am 72 so we are of an age.
My husband is still doing most of the meals but I am doing at least one evening meal a week.
I have taken the washing and ironing back, and vacuuming and dusting.
I haven’t tried a big supermarket shop yet, well I did for some weeks, but then my back went, so I have start again.
Planning to try that on Monday.
My sleep patterns are ridiculous and always have been. Even when I was working I used to drink coffee all morning to keep myself awake, because I really don’t properly wake up until 3.00 pm in the afternoon!
I am trying to adjust my timekeeping, but with the post op exhaustion it is interesting.
Anyway, I am feeling very much better and I am getting out and about a lot more.
So if I sleep…….I sleep
Have a lovely weekend, and we won’t work too hard!
Hey @ladyj glad to see you recovering well. I just wanted to offer some support and let you know I experienced everything you’ve been experiencing. Several months after my THR I was also wetting myself, it wasn’t like I emptied my full bladder everywhere but more I couldn’t hold lots in and subsequently couldn’t get to the toilet quick enough (I’m 33 so knew this wasn’t an age thing). Am now 8 months down the line and it’s all settled down now and I’ve had no more episodes thankfully. After my op I suffered mostly from back pain not hip pain…I didn’t suffer from a bad back before the op therefore this was strange to me but it was agony. Anyway cut a long story short and my consultant suggests that I have suffered from some nerve damage during the op and prescribed my Amitriptyline which has taken all the pain away. My consultant hopes I will only be on these a short time while the nerves etc settle down.

So you are not alone…I’ve been here and it’s miserable but it gets better.
I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated this message over the last few week.
Finding life a lot easier now.
I knew some people took six months to get better but I didn’t expect it to happen to me!
Anyway, still improving!
Thank you!
Just to check in with everybody.
I seem to finally be doing really well. I walked around town a short time today with no walking aids. Also went round a large Tesco’s.
Came home and did some weed killing, then sorted clean washing and started researching a folk festival that I intend to go to.
It almost seems I have my life back.
It’s almost six months since my op, but everything now seems to be improving.
I might still need a partial knee replacement later on, but hey, making good progress.
:mcoffee: Good morning (here in Georgia)
Just Catching Up with folks and thought I'd pop over and see how things have been going with you.:) :-) (:
This hip recovery journey comes with a bumpy road ...but it certainly leads to a happier healthier life.
Hope your Tuesday is SWEET!!!
An unexpected positive.
At the beginning of my THR journey I went into surgery with a low level of urinary incontinence
After the operation, once I returned home, I almost flooded the bathroom. I was reassured by the lovely members here, and things improved considerably.
I was however still wearing incontinence knickers at night.
About two weeks ago, about seven months out from surgery, my incontinence problem stopped completely. CURED, GONE, FIXED.
I really wasn’t expecting this.

I am doing much better all round and feel much more “normal.” I am walking better, and can do a little high street shopping plus a trip to a coffee shop.
Only problem, my knee is now protesting, so it looks very likely I will have to have the partial knee replacement which I was told I would probably need at the start of this process.
The pain and swelling was all in my knee, even though the overwhelming problem was my severely arthritic hip.
I see my surgeon in a couple of weeks who is then going to refer me back to his colleague who is a very experienced PKR surgeon.
So looks as if I will be with you all for a while yet.
You have no idea how helpful your support has been over these last few months.
Nice update, ladyj, aside from the knee. I am sorry to hear its bothering you.
Join us on the knee side if it becomes necessary. You know where to find us.
Happy Seven Month Anniversary a few days early. :)

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