MUA knee so stiff<<

wife asking question for my husband on here - he has been given Buprenorphine patches for his chronic pain and must admit Im concerned they are an opioid - with his now memory suspect dementia if they are good for him, pain management subscribed, will discuss with GP . anyone had experience with these
he=tried Capsaicin cream for pain relief- he. when asked "what does it do has its not working - he stated work less than a cheap deep heat cream, has for the patches he said will not take them after I done much research.guess he will have to live with the pain until his knee is operated on again, goodness know that will be
My Poor OH he can hardly lit his leg up now and the muscle wastage on that leg is unbelievable, walking getting ever harder for him= he tend nowadays not to moan much- though everyone who knows him are astonished how he cope with his knee /leg, plus his other leg/foot now is playing up and that to is getting very swollen, purple blotches below his knee , muscle spasms at night. hope he gets his leg sort soon though seems like a distant wish
I am so sorry that he is not getting the care he needs. Isn’t there any medical community that you can appeal to? Can you go to a big city where they see more difficult cases?
@Jockette thankyou for your caring - the trouble is= in the UK no matter where we go the waiting lists are very long for any kind of surgery- even he is waiting for an appointment for a memory clinic has suspect for Alzheimer's
I’m so sorry. :console2:

Are there any things you and he can do to make him feel better? Does elevating his leg help at all? Does ice, or some sort of cold pack help? Have you ever tried a TENS device? Can you gently massage his leg and does that help at all? Does he take any over the counter pain medication?

I know how hard it is to watch our husbands in pain. Mine had very bad back pain for several years before he died. He had been a basketball coach for 20 years, running up and down the court with the kids, all season. Then he got sick and everything changed. He didn’t really get much help for his pain, either. No prescription pain medication, but that probably would have only added side effects to his suffering. He took over the counter pain relievers that only helped a little. Thankfully, as long as he was sitting in his recliner, with his legs elevated, he was not in pain. But he was in a lot of pain when standing or walking. It was heartbreaking.
Thankyou Jockette- my poor OH have chronic pain and we have tried everything to help with his knee/leg and nothing seems to help, only another OP may sort it out , it's been over 3 years now he been like this, even his crutches are now falling apart:rotfl: with his memory problems too , he waiting for this too.
Dogs and cats get better treatment than my poor Husband
MUA -my Oh could neither bend his leg pass 70 ,could not straighten it - chronic pain had a MUA- surgeon stated when he did my MUA could not straighten it neither and said need to work the knee harder if not scat tissue will form= MUA complete a waste of His time and then dismiss him- 3 years later still the same but with even more chronic pain- he jumps with pain with a slightest touch on that need , still on crutches
My husband now saying his knee really sore and if I knock it slightly he nearly jumps out of bed, he dont complain much nowadays but after 3 yrs post TKR -this can't be right
You’re right, this is not right. :console2:
we Contacted the DR surgery to state his sore painful knee and guess what hes been sent to the physio AGAIN .the fourth one - complete joke= he or she will say the same "there nothing I can do " the only good news for him is he getting A mobility scooter to help him with his walking
Sad really had his knee done to help him but ended up more disabled/Pain and for the need of a mobility scooter but also worry for me is it will be short term -his memory going too= but he keeps on going with a smile, and waiting for another OP on his knee - just to take away the pain is all he asks
Other Half attended Surgery to see Physio- and guess what -he cannot help anymore -though advised we contact his surgeon secretary- which we now have and was told surprise surprise he is on the list for a procedure :flabber: though he has got to wait until next April onwards to have it and that's if we don't have another Covid/flu outbreak which will mean this time next year :headbang:
Getting now to a point its impossible for my husband to walk on the leg = leg he says feeling wobbly he says very heavy and stiff coupled with consistent chronic pain and severe swelling in foot and calf unable to straighten and bend . soon be asking GP/ hospital to issue him with a wheel chair- also he mentioning feel like water running down his knee= I checked but cannot see any weeping from knee- theres a lot going on for him
I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. It's too bad you can't get more prompt attention from the UK's health system..... :sad:
My OH is going to have his Arthroscopic procedure 26th November at last but Im concerned "he suffers from memory loss awaiting tests for dementia"- how is this going to affect him .will the surgeon do the procedure- has anyone else had these concerns ,
I understand your concern. My guess, and I don’t know for sure, is that his dementia would have some issues with all that is involved with this procedure. Hopefully they won’t last long. Be sure to tell the doctor about your concerns.

Which knee will they do this procedure on? We’ll add that information to his signature. I really hope it helps him.

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