Knee Infection* JSA's OA and RA Journey

I pray that your surgery will go ahead as planned. What an awful time for a UTI to show up, but it's not that unusual for women to have a mild one and not even know it. Usually, antibiotics knock it right out.
Hi @jsa just stopping by to wish you all the very best for your surgery tomorrow.
Hi @jsa! How are you??
Hey there, sorry @PegGar16 I didnt finish the update lol ..... thanks for asking after me. I've not been in a good place mentally or physically since the operation in March and I haven't had the energy to use the laptop much but I'm trying to see things in a better light and recover, luck just hasn't been with me.

My surgery went reasonably well however I was told at that at one point I bled badly and went into DIC (didn't clot properly). Since I was out to it, it didn't worry me, however I did worry about those poor people after me whose operations were all cancelled because I took so long (I was in surgery by 7.30am and didnt go to ICU until 9pm). The prof said it was the 'longest scary revision' he has ever done lol - I dont know why I keep making those types of milestones, it would be more comforting for me to hear that I was the quickest or the easiest but that wasn't the case lolol.

Anyway, my wounds healed nicely without problems and 3 weeks later I went to rehab. Because I was totally 'over' being in hospital for the previous 5 months, I left only a week later, thinking it would be ok.

Once I returned home I got terribly frustrated and sad at not being able to do the most simple of tasks. Also, of course I expected to be able to eat and drink everything I had dreamt about while being in hospital but the day after I got home, I found myself with a campylobacter infection so food was off the menu and I lost 10kg. In fact I was quite ill for the best part of four weeks.

I did continue telling myself everything will just take time and I lectured my head not to be so impatient which is hard when it gets into a dark space. However, by 8 weeks post op I thought all would be fine, the doc was pleased and I had weaned myself off all the pain meds. I was also walking a few steps on my own for a few weeks. But by 12 weeks I was back in horrible pain, not so much my knee but above it and all the way to the top of the implant. Now I cant walk without a walker again and the pain has increased to the point where I cant sleep or lift my leg at all whereas I could before. I still have an ok ROM at about 10-80% which is about all the doc expected because the soft tissue and tendon damage was quite extensive.

So now I am arranging for more xrays to see if the prosthesis has loosened again or at least find out why I am in so much pain when walking. In the meanwhile I'm relying on hubby for transport and he works full time so it's difficult. Since the doc said this op was our last chance and he cant revise it again because the prosthesis is almost to my groin and there's probably not enough bone left, I have to place my emotions on hold till I know anything more accurate about the cause. Fingers crossed.
I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still having such painful problems. I wish I had wonderful words of wisdom for you. Sending lots of hugs and prayers. :console2::prayer:
Thanks @Jockette I appreciate it ... if it wasn't for the pain I would put up with it all and just be grateful I still have a leg but literally every step is a huge effort not to yell out and scream "I don't want to do this anymore!". I feel (and look) like I'm a hundred years old not 64 :sigh: ...
Oh my gosh....I am so sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully the X-Rays will come back good. This has really got to be tough on both of you.
I pray for your healing. God bless you.
Thanks for answering @PegGar16 and @sistersinhim

I had xrays done yesterday and the radiologist can see multiple things including a large fluid collection beside the femoral prosthesis so its possibly an infection and a loose implant. :sigh:

I have an appointment with the specialist next week however if I feel ill or develop a high fever I was told to go to emergency. I don't so if possible I will hold off until then. Naturally I'm upset...
I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you. I'll keep you in my prayers for your meeting with your surgeon and hope that it's not an infection or loose implant again. Please know you can always come here and talk with people who care about you. Venting is welcome and sometimes it helps to be able to "let go" with people who truly understand. :console2:
@Jockette I'll take any help I can get, thanks for sending them.

And @Jamie ... at times I feel so alone, especially when I know I have to pick myself up and find strength from somewhere just to face another crappy challenge. I used to think that having diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis etc was bad enough but going through this is something else. So it's nice to know I can unload my troubles onto here while at the same time, get perspectives from others who are also facing battles of their own. I know there are many out there suffering, not just me. I try not to complain but its good to be reminded that its ok to vent.

Like lots here, I feel the waiting and not having answers is the most unsettling thing ... once you know what it is you're dealing with, you can plan. So for now I guess I'll just pass the time sleeping and listening to my favourite band 'Queen'. Freddie Mercury has always been my inspiration. He continued to make music right to the end and those who knew him said he never complained even though he went through one of the worst most painful diseases that we know of. It gives me the strength I need to get through too.

At least now I know I have good reason to be tired and sore.

Also, I wanted to thank all you wonderful moderators... your time and efforts to keep running this site are much appreciated.
I share your appreciation of Freddy Mercury. Bohemian Rapsody is my go-to song when I want to hear really great music. He was such a genius. And I love his videos in concert. He died way too soon.
He was such a genius

@Jamie ... Yes he was, his songs are uniquely magic and they are timeless. :yahoo: Much as I also love the songs written by the other members of the band too, no-one in the world has ever produced anything like Bo Rap....:roseshwr:

Thanks to youtube I was able to watch all their interviews and concerts plus read a few books on them while I was in hospital. It was fascinating how much people adored them and how the younger generation loves their music too. I'm one of those who is glad Brian, Roger and now Adam, are able to carry on exposing new people to their songs, even though I miss the original band. I'm sure he would be tickled pink that millions more are getting enjoyment out of his music today, not just us faithful rock 'n rollers of the past. :egypdance:
Ugh I'm in quite a bit of pain tonight and can't sleep... I even took a narcotic which helped take the edge off it but it's still hurting a lot. My shoulders and hips are also yelling at me... this has happened the last few nights and I just hope it's not the beginning of an RA flare. I've been limiting the meds because of my liver functions being slightly raised but I'm not so stoic that I will do without them when it's needed. :nah:

@PegGar16 you had your extensor mechanism repaired too and I was wondering if you had any trouble after that.... I know the doc repaired mine but now I'm unable to lift or move it again whereas initially I could. I can use my left foot to hook under the right in order to lift it into bed but I cant leg raise at all, not straight or bent. To get into the car I once again have to literally lift it in with my hands like I used to before the ops. I'm beginning to think the last 8 months was for nothing.
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Hi! I hope you are not having a RA flare up. You don't need the aches and pains on top of what you are going through with your knee. What kind of repair did they do with the extensor mechanism? They tried to repair mine twice before having to use an allograft.
I have always been a big Queen fan and Freddy Mercury was the best. The performance at the Olympics with Montserrat Caballe was out of this world!

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