Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

Hmm :what:
That's rather cryptic. You'd think they could give you more info than that.
Hopefully it's nothing significant and all stays on track.
Stay in touch and the best of luck to you @Izabel
Oh my stars!
Just something to make you anxious I'm sure.
Hope all is still on track.
Keep us posted!:angel:
Thanks @Layla and @Mojo333.

Went to the new hospital this morning. Lovely place, lovely people. Only 20 or so bed place plus operating room. Anaesthettist was in surgery so had an hour's wait. What a lovely gentleman (think Brazilian) and we conversed half English/half Portuguese. He did some funny old-fashioned tests ... held his finger up and told me to follow it up/down/left/right, checked me with a stethoscope then touched each arm with the headset bit and asked if I felt any difference! Had me poke my tongue out then open my mouth wide (latter in case I need tubes).

Only problems ... mild varicose veins, faster than normal heartbeat and hypertension so recommended I see my GP. Said he expects/hopes me to live to be 100 and that I am fit for surgery. :yay:

Got fish sandwiches from McDonald's on the way home, ate, turned on laptop and whey hey ... e-mail from hospital with date of 18 October to report at 7am! Am I excited or am I excited .... :happydance::spin::dancy::egypdance: .... okay, some of these cuties for after the op!

Time for a celebratory drink ... rum and coke. :martini:
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faster than normal heartbeat and hypertension
Many members report this pre-op. It's a stressful time and pain also increases your heartbeat and BP. Glad you are good to go and have your surgery date!
All systems go:yes!:
Bye bye hip pain!
:hi:Thinking of you today and hope you know we are all hoping things go smoothly.
Time to get this hip on the way to well!!
Healing Hugs:roseshwr:
Thank you @Mojo333, sweet of you to think of me. xx

Have to shower/cloth disinfectant wash tonight then change bed linen, fasting from midnight then shower and cloth disinfectant wash in the morning, 45 minute travel with check in at 7am so an early start. Booked in for 8 days :thud:. Have everything packed and counting down watching a crime series to occupy my mind.

Will report back from hospital.
All the best with your revision tomorrow. Looking forward to following your journey.
Sending sunshine and rainbows and thoughts of a speedy recovery your way ☀ hope the crime series keeps your mind at ease and passes the time quickly.
Thinking of you today, Izabel
Hoping your your pain is well managed.
Wishing you comfort as you begin healing.
A quick one. All is not well. I am in isolation for 15 days with an infection. There was pus in my femur and in the ball and cup.. Had blood transfusion yesterday .Surgeon has put only antibiotic spacers in. Strangely I feel well. I will come back as and when.
Oh @Izabel :console2:
Glad they caught this early...please let us know how you are doing.
Sending sincere wishes for all to be well very soon.
Keep the faith.
Wow, I'm so sorry you are going through this :holysheep:I hope this resolves quickly and without any more surprises for you. Did you at least get a room with a great view for isolation?
Good news ... they have found I have E-Coli which is present in everyone's body (like Herpes) and attached itself to my prothesis. Internist said "Oh, look, we'll come out and live there!" Thankfully out of isolation so no HasMat gear needed to see .e. On Amoxcillon IV. Physio comes daily ... yuk, I know, I know .. but it is strictly to strengthen my right leg as NO pressure allowed on left,so learning how to hop. It is difficult not toe touching.

Must go, Physio here.
:wave:I am happy to hear an update, dear Izabel.
You sound determined to take on this new challenge and get this on the road to Well.
No weight bearing has to be difficult as well as the IV.
Please know we are rooting for you.
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Sounds like some progress has been made and that's great that you're not stuck in isolation anymore! I'm sure it feels better to see people without hazmat suits :yay:
@Izabel So sorry you are going through this. Have they said how long you will need to be on antibiotics? That NWB is really difficult. I hope PT can give you some good tips on moving around.
Thank you @Mojo333 @Swamp Hiker @Jacey for your kind words.

I had a couple of tears with Physio because I was so fearful with the walker (articulated) and tiny hopping then having to do sit to stand and vice versa. It doesn't help that my knee is not 100% recovered. I had excellent bend and almost straight last week and now it is suffering because of fat thigh pressure. Luckily I am not in pain, just uncomfortable, only painful when I move. I was up from 9-1 now comfortably in bed with knees raised slightly and icepack at hip. Surgeon came for daily visit and told nurse with him for them to get the walker with armrests for me which is far more stable.

Jacey, the Amoxicillinis is 10 days IV and then on tablet form at home for ...... ????? I just want to be home but I am blessed Surgeon found this before it spread to organs. Once established it grows speedily. He said probably 2-4 months then if clear he could consider doing Revision.

@Admin ... do I need Infection before Izabel Walking for Christmas which, by the way I still intend on doing albeit one footed! :fingersx:

Hubby did but a par of lightweight aluminium underarm crutches so I will have to take courage when I get home and attempt these. :shocked:

Izzy xx
do I need Infection before Izabel Walking for Christmas which, by the way I still intend on doing albeit one footed!
I moved your thread from pre-op to post op and you now have the subtitle as well. Do keep all your updates here on this thread so we have your history in one place.

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