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Hi Super Skinny Sarah!!! :th_heehee:

I lost 35 pounds today!!! My wife went out with a girlfriend for lunch and as it was her friend's birthday she paid ..... £ 35 (English joke) :what:

I'm truly impressed with your self control it's great to set and reach goals ....positively empowering!
I did some Tai Chi offshoot (can't remember the name) years ago and I really should do some more, it was fantastically relaxing and centring. I'll find out the name and let you know.

Charlie xx
Hi Sarah, what a brilliant update. 35lbs!!!!! That's 2.5 stone! You must be a positive skeleton now!!! Lets have a new photo of the new skinny you, please?? Well done you, what self-discipline you must have.

Sarah you know what a fan of Tai Chi I am. If you are going to learn Tai Chi, may I put in a plug for the Yang family long form that I have been practising for 8 years now? There is a teacher in Dallas - And also do the long form. Don't know whether either of these would be near you? There are other forms of course, and no right or wrong way of learning Tai Chi, but this is the most classical form. It takes ages - it's a lifelong commitment - but it sure does teach you patience along with great strength. I do credit my practice of Tai Chi for my swift recovery from both ops.

And reiki too, eh? I've received it but not tried to learn it. Very relaxing. I should think you need that after your full-on week. Aren't you glad you're not actually at the show yourself, all the same?

And for you, Charlie, there's Thames Valley Tai Chi in Marlow (is that anywhere near you?) PS I love the new avatar - just makes me want to stroke Jasper's gorgeous head. And Susie says she quite fancies him too.
Hi Sarah

Just want to congratulate you on your fab weight loss, you must be feeling great.

I've seen you mention your show before, what sort of show is it?

I would love to learn Reiki, it sounds so interesting. I've often wondered if you have to have a sort of 'gift' to be succesful or if it is just a case of learning the ropes.

I'm looking forward to reading how you get on with it. Hope it goes really well.

:thumb: Way to go Sarah!!! Good analogy your friend gave you - it does put it into perspective doesn't it to have something to compare the weight loss too :) My own analogy is carrying 25 pound bags of cat kibble .... or 20lb boxes of kitty litter. OOOPH! I can carry one a short distance but I doubt I'd be able to pick up 1 1/2 or 2 bags or boxes.

Hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend :doggieshmooze:
Sarah sorry but think I'm hijackin' so apologies
but ...WJ you say there's a Tai Chi i MARLOW???? THAT'S WHERE I LIVE!!! how what where???


Love C xxx
All your sweet wishes and congratulations really made my day thank you!

The reiki thing is a course, I wouldn't put it in "my cup of tea" things I would do.....going to try though! Won't hurt....

Jane thank you on the link for the tai chi I'm going to look into that after this weekend, big thank you there are so many choices on the web these days it gets too much. Charlie your fine and yes I love the new profile photo jasper is so handsome!

Cat litter analogy is right too or dog food those large bags, kinda scary when you think about the weight if your carrying the extra pounds, I've always gone up and down on the scale. Definitely not skinny never will be, and not super large it's that 50lb hip bum stuff and once you get older it's just tough to get rid off, that's why I've been focused, I'm a little done with it and with the new hip it seems good timing to start getting things in perspective and in order. It's not an easy task either for anyone else who struggles with the weight deal. I keep thinking if I could quit smoking this needs to be easier. It's interesting the smoking and eating all come from the same self destructive root, maybe I need to say emotional deal......just sharing.

Jane I miss seeing quite a few of my coworkers I havent seen them since our last show in Nov (ft lauderdale) I've been getting tons of text messages today saying they miss me! Am I missing the show itself the move in part NO not at all.

Annie they are spa related shows for industry professionals, not open to public, my sister show is the leading hair and nail show. Lots of lively hair dressers, estheticians, spa owners, hotels owners. There will be about 50-65,000 attendees combined at both shows.

Back to work only for a short time, minor emails then I'm shutting down!

Have a good night everyone, again thank you all made my day :). Xxooxx
Hi Sarah!

It is inspiring to see the positive changes you are making. I also am feeling this hip thing is a great time to make life changes and I am so impressed with you for making it happen!
I always knew you were way cool...reiki is one of my favorites during my massage...gentle energy and I've always wanted to try tai chi...good for you. And 35 Lbs. gone WOW you are an inspiration...Sarah, you are my hero, keep at it!
A really big congratulations Sarah on the weight loss, that is a fantastic effort, that is just over 15 Kilograms in my world... That is amazing...

You take care during this heavy working period, make sure you rest when you can and snuggle Miles :)

Lots of love xoxoxoxox
Dallas Sarah, here is an update on the risks of smoking and joint replacements:
Smoking a risk factor for early failure in primary, revision THA

  • April 13, 2012
Researchers found smoking to be a significant risk factor for early failure in complex primary and revision total hip arthroplasties, even with the use of ultraporous acetabular components.
Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., MD, presented his team’s findings at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
Lombardi and his team looked at 10 years’ worth of hip procedures, identifying ultraporous acetabular component use in 535 hips in 500 patients. There were 160 complex primary and 375 revision cases in the cohort, according to the study abstract.
“As far as the patients’ history of smoking: 50% never smoked, 3% we were unable to determine, 17% were current smokers and 30% had prior smoking history,” Lombardi said.
The results of the study, Lombardi noted, indicate smoking is a significant risk factor in early failure.
“This is the nuts and bolts – reasons for failure,” he said. “Infection, aseptic loosening and periacetabular failure — all of which we believe may be affected by smoking.”
“As we looked at overall failure by smoking history, it was statistically significantly higher in our current and prior smokers vs. our never smokers,” he added.
According to the abstract, there were 33 failures at an average of 18 postoperative months. Lombardi noted a failure rate in smokers of 11%, with a failure rate of 3.8% in non-smokers and 5.3% in previous smokers.
“Our take-home message is that even with ultraporous technology, smoking seems to be a significant risk factor for early failure,” Lombardi said. “I think we should encourage our patients to quit smoking. It will reduce the risk, but not totally, and smoking cessation should be considered part of your preoperative education program.”

  • Lombardi AV, Berend KR, Morris MJ, et al. Smoking is a harbinger of early failure with ultraporous metal acetabular reconstruction. Paper #223. Presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Feb. 7-11, 2012. San Francisco.
  • Disclosures: Lombardi receives royalties from Biomet and Innomed. He is also on the speakers’ bureau or performs paid presentations — and is a paid consultant — for Biomet, and has received research or institutional support from Biomet, Stryker, Salient Surgical Technologies and Angiotech.
Wow! 35 pounds! Impressive!!!!! How inspirational to people like me who suffer with the weight problems. You must feel fantastic about it!!!

Keep up the great work!

Wow Bumpa, that is a very good article @Bumpa:

Sarah honey, this maybe your next challenge.. You are up to it :)

Hope the weekend hasn't been too much burn out material and you have been able to take time out for yourself..

Big hugs xx

The way I read your post you have/had already quit smoking. And the weight issue should be easier than that. Is this right?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, you and Miles that is. How is the little guy, behaving?

Take care.
Wow... Sarah and Sis, must apologize I read it differently, now I come to think of it Sarah you had quit smoking some time ago from memory...

Apologies for that and thanks for reminding me Sis :)
It can all be wording and how we interpret what we read, :scratch:I just wanted to be clear on it. The article from Bumpa was fascinating though.
Thanks and everyone have a great day!
Happy Unday,

You are all so lovely and sweet with the consistent encouragement and wooohooo's i just appreciate everyone thank you.

The article was interesting thank you for sharing Bumpa. Diane's right I did quit smoking October 2010 and have never looked back, ewwwwww!! I'm mixed right now thinking the eating part is tougher than quitting smoking. I think at the end of the day we all have vices, both carry icky consequences. I LOVE not smoking, and wait without being a hypocrit I smoked for 32 years WOW scary.....I'm completely convinced and didn't plan it this way meaning I didn't quit smoking because of my hip, I'm confident my recovery, healing were improved by not smoking. I don't miss the smell either, my skin, my teeth everything has improved and wow the cost and money I have saved. Oyyyyy vey!

Tomorrow will be my Bonesmart catch up day, doing a little this morning before my class.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend!

I need to stop over and congratulate you on the weight loss and tell you NOT to minimize 35 lbs. it is a lot for you to not be carrying aroundl. So happy for you. I am a lifetime Weight Watchers person (off the wagon at the moment). A few years back I lost 70 lbs and all along the way I would pick up things to tell myself how heavy what I lost was. When I lost 5, the next time I was at the grocery store, I carried around a 5 lb bag of sugar, at 10, a 10 lb bag. 35, that is a lot. And no I did not continue to carry things around at the grocery store, but when I would be at the gym, I remember picking up a 50 lb weight and thinking, "no wonder my back was killing me" . Then unfortunately, though a healthy person, I all of a sudden had some structural issues, torn rotator cuff and surgery, tore my meniscus, knee repair, and now hip surgery. Needless to say I now need to lose at least 30 lbs. I just hang on to the fact that I did not gain it all back. It will be harder to get off now as I am a few yrs older and it is going to take a while to get my metabolism cranked up again, but I WILL take it off.

Anyway, this is not about me, but you. I truly know that 35 is a lot. Isn't it something like 1 lb of weight is 3 lbs of pressure on your bones? That's 105 lbs of pressure you just got rid of, and I'll add my woohoo!!!!

Hope you are having a good wknd -Cathy
I would like to add my congratulations to you for the weight loss. That is a wonderful achievement!
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