THR April 12 - Second THR

Best Wishes for your appt on the 16th, Miss Fanny. I hope you get the "all clear". Please let us know.
Enjoy the weekend!
Happy things are easing...
Now to get that all clear for the other concern.
Hope you have a good weekend, hippy friend:flwrysmile:
Didn’t take long for me to come back with a report on the other issue. My hormone tests came back whack a doodle. Hormones are measuring as those of a pre-menopausal woman even though I was clearly in menopause. No one has called me about it yet, but I keep getting updates on the app which send me down rabbit holes like “pituitary gland issues.” But of course, there is a much less sinister explanation which is the trauma from surgery caused a hormonal imbalance. Hopefully, someone calls me today with an explanation of these test results.

Getting a wee bit more worried, but I’m okay. I know I don’t need to let my mind go to the worst case scenario and it is awfully coincidental it happened after a major surgery like THR.
Celebrated 2 months with a morning, pre-work hike. Feeling amazing and incredibly grateful for my fast recovery!



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Pretty pics! Great news that you're doing so well.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
Nature is my "church." Just lovely pics, thanks for sharing, I feel same when I walk the rescues in the beautiful fields and trails in woods. And so thankful I am able to do it again. It was the one thing I missed the most during recovery.
I did the same hike again this morning. I am 14 minutes from that park and it takes me 45 minutes on the trail I hike. I think it’s going to be my before work summer ritual. I gained like 10 pounds recovering from surgery and it’s already off. :egypdance: I’m really starting to feel well! I still take a dose of ibuprofen before bed because I’m scared to ruin my sleep, but otherwise I am pretty much back to normal. I am going to try my bicycle on my 3 month anniversary.
Good for you! Yes, I gained about 15 pounds from the inactivity as well as my passion for chocolate almond chip ice cream!
Luckily it's beginning to come off, less eating, more moving!
I think when I'm sitting around doing nothing I can think of all yummy stuff to cook and/or eat. I love to cook.
Plus watching those cooking shows gets me too.
@myglasshalffull i had to stop watching cooking shows when I was on maternity leave with my youngest son! They made me hungry all the time. That was 25 years ago and I never restarted. I did watch Anthony Bourdain’s shows, but those were about travel, too.
@MissFanny @myglasshalffull
It’s only since I started moving more that the weight’s crept up a bit for me. I feel hungrier because I’m burning more calories, when I wasn’t doing as much I strangely didn’t want to eat much either. Either that or my muscles are weighing more. :rotfl:
Done with my checkup. Pre-note: I had a uterine ablation about 13 years ago and that plays into this report.

The ultrasound was normal. I had a fibroid but nothing unusual. As we already know, my hormone tests came back as those of a woman who is not menopausal. He said there are two possibilities:

1. I wasn’t really in menopause but my uterine ablation stopped my light, later-in-life periods. I don’t think this is true because I know I was premenopausal and my hormones calmed down after my periods finally stopped.

2. The stress of surgery woke up my ovaries and they decided to release an egg.

He said I am very low risk but wanted to take a biopsy of my uterus since I was there and it is fairly simple. The problem is, when you have had an ablation, you have a bunch of scar tissue in your uterus they have to push through with the catheter to get to the uterine lining. It was very painful and he could only get a small sample. I was sweating. It was bad. He said it may not be enough tissue for the lab to get a conclusive result but he’s going to send it in.

He said he doesn’t recommend doing anything more invasive at this time because he thinks I am very low risk. He just wants me to chart any further periods if I have them and follow up with him in 3 - 6 months if I have concerns. He said if I have regular periods it just means I really wasn’t in menopause. I got the idea he thinks I wasn’t really in menopause, but I think he’s wrong about that—I know my body and what I went through to get there.

If anything changes, they will have to do a D&C to get a biopsy, but he thinks I am so low risk, that would be over the top to do now.

So, I guess I just wait and see if it happens again. Maybe by some miracle that will have been enough tissue for a biopsy.

I feel totally fine. I am 99.9% convinced it was the stress of surgery causing one of my ovaries to burp up a last (hopefully) egg.

So, BoneSmarties, if you get a post menopausal woman complaining about a period after surgery, you can say you know of it happening to another woman on here! But she should get it checked just in case. :) :-) (:

Now I finally get to enjoy my hip recovery in peace! I do feel well. I am pretty much back to normal. Still working to gently increase my ROM on the surgery hip but that is going to be a long haul project because it has been terrible for years now.

Happy weekend, all!
Wow, what an unexpected twist! Thankfully he feels you’re low risk and hopefully extracted enough tissue from that miserable sounding biopsy that he can give you an official “all clear” soon. I’m glad you’re not worried. We do know our bodies.
A peaceful weekend to you!
@Layla, yes, they have run every conceivable test and everything is normal. The biopsy was just kind of a “you’re already here and let’s cover all bases” thing. I did not get the impression he thought this was anything serious. Technically, I had only been in menopause 14 months when it happened. The early you are in menopause, the less unusual it is. I just hope it doesn’t happen again because I was really enjoying the steady hormones and calm of menopause!
As expected, the biopsy was inconclusive. But what they were able to test was benign.

Photos from my early morning prairie hike today! I am feeling awesome. Considering stopping that before bed dose of ibuprofen now. But I have been on some sort of OTC or prescription painkiller for more than a year now. It feels almost scary to go without something. I am taking 2 ibuprofen (400 mg) before bed now. Maybe I will cut down to 1 (200 mg) and see how I sleep. Still elevating my feet every night while I read in bed. Haven’t felt the need to ice in a week or so. I am getting there!

Yesterday, June 21, 2023, was my first day in a loooong time not taking anything for pain. I was going to take 1 ibuprofen before bed and I forgot. Let’s see how long I can keep this streak going!
@MissFanny Our members find that when they start forgetting doses of pain medication it is the sign the body is weaning off the drugs. Great that you are doing so well. Do take OTC medication if you need it.

Enjoy your hikes!

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