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Knee Infection* Another infection

Thank you for checking on my progress. I had 6 weeks of IV antibiotics and am taking 2 kinds of oral antibiotics. I had a great check up with surgeon 12-20. He is wanting me to use spacer as long as possible..because of all the work he had to do. However, it has started to stick when I straighten it. And wobble/crunch when I walk. I'm just thankful to be getting around. Happy New Year
it has started to stick when I straighten it. And wobble/crunch when I walk. I'm just thankful to be getting around. Happy New Year
You certainly are gracious and upbeat in the midst of your struggles. It is admirable!
It's been four months, since surgery, to date. I wish you only the best on the journey and hope you'll continue to share progress with us. We care. :friends:
So sorry to hear about this nightmare. You are an inspirational poster child for others my new (revision) knee on Monday. I hope it works out the first time.

I was wondering if it’s normal to have pain on my lower leg due to the cement spacers. After all the soft tissue healed, following the removal, contracted. The knee looks very good, but after the healing, lots of rubbing with the spacers. I presume the lower leg pain is a result of all that it will be corrected by the knee implantation
Howdy! I finally have a working knee! 2 stage revision completed March 24th. It AMAZING to straighten and bend my leg. I'm taking oral antibiotics Doxycycline and cefprozil as a precaution.. The 2nd stage revision surgery was shockingly "easy" as I didn't have an infection while healing!! He also cleaned out alot of scar tissue..said he couldn't believe the mess. Walking without assistance for the most part. That"s so weird.
I felt the same way when my newest knee was done. I was pretty good at everything in a couple of days.
Wonderful news! Thanks for stopping by to share the update.
It sounds like you’re doing really well. Enjoy the Summer! :SUNsmile:
l had the 2 stage revision for infection one year ago after a year of trying to treat the infection by antibiotics and "cleaning out " surgery . The second stage was on June 28 ,2022 . My knee is better than it's ever been since the original surgery knee replacement . l no longer think about my knee 24/7 . l was given a hinged knee replacement . After all the treatments by my original orthopedic doctor , l was referred to a specialist who works on infectious knee joints exclusively . It was a long haul ,l even spent 3 months in a wheelchair , but so worth it . like l said , l forget that l have a knee !!

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