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    THR Anyone riding motorcycles post op?

    As in the title, I have a couple of motorcycles, both "sit up" style, and don't want to give up this life long hobby. Anyone riding motorcycle post op, obviously after recovery.
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    THR Pre op pain control

    Hi all, so, I'm back on the waiting list, looks like it may be around the end of the year, still not 100% sure about doing this, guess we'll see towards the time. The consultant said that he doesn't understand how I manage looking at my X Rays.
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    THR Pre op pain control

    Thanks all, yes there are loads of positive outcomes here and elsewhere, and that is great. My job is health & safety, so I guess dealing with risk is part of my job, and I'm not 100% happy with the risks with this surgery. I did speak to the surgeon regarding nerve damage and drop foot and he...
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    THR Pre op pain control

    Hi all, I just cancelled my RHS hip replacement op (scheduled for 2 weeks time) as I cant justify the risks of the complications, foot drop, infection, etc. I am in pain in both hips which does affect my daily life, but I would rather put up with the pain than face the op at this point. What...


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