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    TKR Same day surgery release for 83 year old

    @meishere30 I'm a hippie not a knee-er here but just happened to see this thread. It sounds like your dad has an advantage plan. They are indeed the primary and have a fit if anything is billed to medicare instead of them. The elective thing only means that this surgery isn't a a medically...
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    THR Sportsider65 2nd THR 5 days in

    After my bout of PF went away, I got lax on the arch supports and relied on the support of my shoes' insoles. Years later I had that ball of foot pain and asked the doctor about it, and he said "Let me see your shoe!" He noted the lack of the rigid supports, and told me to get back to them. I...
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    THR Sportsider65 2nd THR 5 days in

    @Sportsider65 When I had plantar fasciitis my doctor recommended to use *rigid* arch supports ( not the soft gel type) in my shoes. They are available OTC; I've bought online and from the larger stores that have good "foot centers". It's important to use them in all your shoes and...
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    Opposite hip problem

    Sorry that you're having problems. In my experience these kind of painful but non-specific problems require a step by step process of elimination from health care providers. It can be frustrating. It seems at this point your option is to go with the pt and meds and see if things get...
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    THR No improvement on energy and walking distance - week 7

    I'm sorry that you're having trouble. But.... Watch a Youtube video of THR. It is brutal! You're cut open, your pelvis is reamed, the largest joint in your body is dislocated, then the largest bone in your body is sawed off. After that a chunk of metal like a railroad spike is pounded into...
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    Swelling of legs post-op

    For the swelling keep your legs elevated whenever you aren't moving around. When you are sitting, use an ottoman for your feet or use the foot rest if you have a recliner. Every hour or two during the day, for 15-20 minutes, lie on your bed with pillows or a foam wedge beneath your calves...
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    THR Any Equestrians Out There?

    It sounds like you and your surgeon have it covered procedure- and implant-wise. While I'm not able to ride yet, it's coming and soon I hope. The one thing my surgeon is most concerned about concerning riding is the possibility of a fall. A broken arm or cracked rib, no big deal. But he...
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    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    @Schaargi My sister didn't shop around and choose approach or implant. She had a very painful hip, saw an ortho guy about it who told her she needed a replacement, and she said OK. As far as I know she didn't research implants or approaches. That was 3 years ago. When my turn came I did...
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    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    @Schaargi, I think it also has to do with which new hip you get. Both my sister and I had posterior surgeries, and she had no restrictions while I have (grrrr!) a bunch of them. But she got the dual mobility implant and I didn't. Maybe your sister ought to ask about that.
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    Hello and welcome! I'm sorry that you're having problems with sleeping and I hope you know that many of us have been through it. You might try stacking pillows under your shoulders and neck, and another stack under your calves and feet. I preferred my regular head pillow but found the leg...
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    THR Deeship45 Recovery Part 2

    @Deeship45 I'm wincing just reading about your pt routine. Yowie! I can't imagine being under that kind of pressure from a therapist. Please know that good patients are allowed to say No to exercises that hurt them and to go with the 'less is more' strategy until they're more able. Best...
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    Right Hip Replacement

    For me, hip replacement was the only option that would have even a chance at providing more than temporary relief from the hip pain. There came the point where the temporary fixes just weren't worth the time, effort, and expense. Leading up to surgery my advice would be to work on functional...
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    Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Pain & Immobility

    Wow, you've been through the wringer in the past uear or so, haven't you? I hope your two surgeries went well and you have relief from whatever problems they were supposed to fix. I didn't know what to expect upon waking up, but after having viewed some videos of the surgery, I thought...
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    THR And now on the healing side...

    Thanks Layla! So far so good on the healing. I haven't had much trouble other than some muscle stiffness and soreness that varies day to day, and a couple of weird incision things where the dang thing just burned like fire even though the skin is healed very well. My guess is that it was/is...
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    THR 4 weeks in the books

    My guess would be whether the pain is bone pain or muscle pain. I only had tightness and pain in my quad and hammie but found that if I took a second or two to stand and get my bearing before taking steps helped a ton. Maybe it gives the muscles a chance to readjust their stiff little selves.


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