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    THR And now on the healing side...

    Thank you all for your kindness. I know some of you have been in this terrible spot yourselves. Since my hip went bad, I shoved a lot of the hard physical work off on my DH. He didn't mind of course, and kept up with it after the replacement. So I'm softer and pretty much out of shape. Ugh...
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    THR And now on the healing side...

    Hi Hippies! I've been AWOL for a few days. My beloved husband and best friend died yesterday after suffering a massive stroke on Sunday. It's been a rough week. He was transported to a hospital 2 1/2 hours away so I basically camped there while our kids either travelled or stayed a night at...
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    THR Brooksy’s Hip Recovery

    I did a quick google search for psoas tendinopathy and the first hit was a UK site. It's commercial I suppose, so I don't think I can include a link here. But if you did your own search for 'complete injections' I think you'd find it. The site has a menu for 'conditions' and it goes into...
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    THR Advice please for groin spasms

    @Janiebee1 I wonder if you've tried modifying whatever you're sitting upon to help with the pain. My non op side got awfully painful and tender in week 1-2, and switching between a firmer cushion and a soft pillow on my seats helped. I would have thought my own rather generous natural...
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    Metal Allergy implant solutions for nickel and bandaid allergies

    I'm old, glued together, and problems.
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    THR Hip and head

    @Bluemist I'm so sorry that you're suffering with such distress. You are in the right place to talk about it - most of us understand having been there ourselves. My experience seems close to yours, just a gradual loss of my life that I could deal with, followed by a big slide down the cliff...
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    THR Recovery greetings from an Aussie - my journey

    I think you'll find that you'll hit a wall emotionally and physically every once in a while. My biggest crash was at about 4 weeks...inching along dealing with recovery aches and discomfort, not sleeping all that well, dealing with my surgeon's restrictions...why did I even bother with this...
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    Grabber wand

    The two that came in the hip kit I purchased from Amazon were ok but kind of flimsy...good for picking up a sock or other light object.I brought in the heavy duty grabber that I used in my truck to reach things in the truck bed (I'm short). The heavy duty one handled dog food pans, cleaning...
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    THR Merrimay's on the other side now THR

    Your pcp is connected to a local hospital? The hospital ought to have a pt department.
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    THR Merrimay's on the other side now THR

    Merrimay, I second @Jamie 's advice. Based on my experience trigger point therapy can help a lot. I sort of stumbled upon it after an injury and found some good information online. Trigger points are tiny little muscle spasms that cause pain further down the line. If gentle pressure is...
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    THR When to time hip surgery?

    I sympathize with you going through all the sorting out of what hurts where. I went through the same thing and it's very frustrating when there is never a definitive answer. When my right hip was giving me grief, I was sent for xrays and then an MRI of my lower back and hip. Hip looked ok...
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    THR When to time hip surgery?

    A steroid injection was the last step before my THR, considered a diagnostic tool. It was an easy procedure with a little discomfort of pressure as the steroid/anesthetic solution was injected in the joint. It gave me great immediate relief for 18 days. All the hip pain came back after that...
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    THR When to time hip surgery?

    Imaging showed my hip to look 'not that bad' but my back looked like a train wreck. I went a long time - a miserable almost 2 years wherein I forgot what being pain free was like - round and round with this med and that med, this PT and that PT and finally a pain management physician. He...
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    THR RTHR Recovery - UK - 65 year old woman

    @Gloucestergal65 It's my understanding that painless noise from joints can be from the release of little gas bubbles in the surrounding tissue. If that's the case, then the noise is normal. Some advise a more effective warm up to help eliminate it. Maybe you can start your reps with some...
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    Hip Infection* I am the Storm

    You look and "sound" great! I hope they turn you loose and let you go home really soon. :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:

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