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    TKR Left TKR 9/23/19 My Journey

    Been a few days since I replied last but I see the pain level has decreased considerably and now you are considering your overall approach to PT. In my recovery I learned for the most part it wasn’t measured in days but weeks. In other words each day didn’t bring a monumental increase in...
  2. Softtail

    TKR Hello everyone

    Ouch been awhile since I have been posting, but seeing your difficulty with PT I thought I would jump in. If you were to pull up my journey , left knee replaced sept 2018 and right April 2019 , both started out on their road to recovery differently. Left had about 70 flex 4 degrees straight...
  3. Softtail

    TKR Left TKR 9/23/19 My Journey

    Been thru 2 replacements, and today my knees are perfect . One a year old the other 5 months. You are not doing yourself a service by cutting pain medicine short. It’s not fun the first few weeks, but it will get better. Constipation is definitely not fun either ,and I had that with both but...
  4. Softtail

    TKR Softtail back for round 2

    Hey everyone been sometime since my last post. I have a friend just starting her recovery journey , so I pointed out how much support I got from bonesmart , and recommended she jump on board. On the positive side, my recovery is all I hoped it would be , so all you bonesmart it’s starting out...
  5. Softtail

    TKR Glosnana's Recovery

    Believe me lack of energy comes with the operation. It hangs on awhile also , so don’t get discouraged. I know at 10 weeks with my first knee , I was wiped out trying to play Pickleball. Knee held up but exhausted me. Somewhere between 3 and 4 months I got most of energy back. Some get it...
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    TKR My journey to recovery<

    Hydrotherapy under 2 weeks after surgery? Did I read that right. Usually it’s later than that before you can get incision wet , unless there is a way to do it without getting incision wet?
  7. Softtail

    TKR Softtail back for round 2

    Celle, I believe you . Surgeon is key. The one that did my knee only does knees and hips, and uses the anterior method which is a must for me. Knees are turning out good ,so will most likely have him do my hips when time comes. Hope I can get a bit of healing time in for knees before that...
  8. Softtail

    TKR Much too young to feel this dang old

    Tk. Just a point about fatigue. I remember at about week 5 trying to wash car, and how exhausted I was after. The healing process takes everything you have energy wise and directs it to the body. It is a long recovery period before you get that energy level back. I am betting since you are...
  9. Softtail

    TKR Softtail back for round 2

    Thanks for The feedback FC. I am on the closing part of week eight now ,and the catch is happening less frequently so I am relating it to the swelling that is still present around my knee cap. Working on stretching and strengthening my quad and hamstring last 3 visits to PT. My bend is great...
  10. Softtail

    TKR Softtail back for round 2

    Thanks time ,and sistersinhim. I feel pretty lucky. Still hoping someone might chime in if they had the feeling that something was catching just under kneecap when they bent knee. Again not all the time and does not interfere with walking or anything, just one of those annoying things that...
  11. Softtail

    TKR Softtail back for round 2

    Pics of 2 legs left at 8 plus months. Right at 3 weeks.
  12. Softtail

    TKR Softtail back for round 2

    Starting week 6 of right tkr , and some interesting things coming up. Since there are no more knees to replace, and am getting more and more mobile with new right knee , other weak areas of my body are popping up. Have found Hips from lack of use are stiffened up , so therapist is working on...
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    TKR Dealing with RLS after TKR<

    Been awhile since on here for my left knee since I have been focusing on my right knee recovery now 5 weeks out, but thought I would update my left for anyone who follows long term recovery. I was at PT for my right knee last Tuesday , and my therapist decided to give my leftknee a workout too...
  14. Softtail

    TKR 9weeksago's recovery thread<

    Can’t tell you it’s necessary, but in my first recovery ,I did Outgoing Pt week 3 to 7 or 8, when I saw my doctor again. I did continue the exercises at home on and off for next 3 months, as an insurance policy against slipping back. Probably just paranoid about that , but definitely did...

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