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    THR I am now bionic

    Just popping back in to wish happy holidays to everyone and say all is going well. Seroma is just a past memory now, and shot the best round of golf I have had in 12 years yesterday 4 under par a 67. Only pain I have now is after sleeping all night ,I wake up with my hips and knees in pain ,and...
  2. Softtail

    THR Woodstockhip’s Recovery Thread

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Getting out of chair for me takes about 2 or 3 steps before I am up and walking straight but otherwise everything is great. Getting ready to head south for winter, and hoping the vaccine can be distributed as quickly as possible so maybe we can stop worrying...
  3. Softtail

    THR ken325i - Left THR - August 12

    Golf is good, and am also glad I can play again pain free. As a matter of fact shot the lowest round I have had in last 12 years 67 ,4 under par as last round played in upstate NY yesterday on an unusually nice December day. Moving south for winter so hope this is not a fluke. Have a great...
  4. Softtail

    THR Golfer67 Recovery Thread

    I wish I could offer you more encouragement than you have received as of late, but other than the really great news that their is no infection or that the implant is in place, it looks like your recovery is just taking longer than most. I am approaching the 3 month mark and for the most part...
  5. Softtail

    THR Post op hip replacement

    Sounds like things are going good. Just follow your doctors advice and if you have any questions this is a good place to get answers. I am and was a fast healer, with a very active life style. Was back to playing golf after both hip replacements at 5 week mark. Don’t know how quickly your...
  6. Softtail

    THR Driving Long Distances 4 Weeks After RTHR

    I am sure much of my recovery was more exception to the rule , but I was driving at the 1.5 week mark because I just couldn’t stand to becouped up in the house. I did have anterior approach and was told there was very few things I couldn’t do , so I took that as driving and sitting might be a...
  7. Softtail

    THR Sawyer's November 4th THR Recovery Thread

    Sawyer. I would walk short distances early on without walker, but it was a constant companion thru the night when I would get up for my frequent pee runs and walks. Everyone has a different recovery rate before they can get rid of walker, so don,’t be in to big of a hurry to ditch it. I know...
  8. Softtail

    THR I am now bionic

    12 to 15 years of living with bad joints is finally behind me. It’s amazing how much of a toll it can take on your muscular system as well. The good news is although I get tired and feel discomfort after I walk for awhile it’s a different kind of pain. If I may be so bold a good pain. A pain...
  9. Softtail

    THR On Recovery Road

    Ellierose, I am about a month behind you and coming along good, back playing golf. The next day I am sore, and stiff, so I move around and play again. My doctor likes to take X-rays and I have been checked 3 times in 6 weeks. Everything is normal and he released me to pretty much do anything...
  10. Softtail

    THR The other side!

    Ozinthedesert just catching up on your recovery and see you are bummed out a bit. I would not be concerned at all about any pain you are experiencing putting full weight on your leg at this point. With my left leg I vividly remember it taking much longer putting full weight on it than with my...
  11. Softtail

    THR Just kind of a bummer

    Sounds like you are on the fast healing track. You keep indicating your leg is shorter so am curious if this is a fact, or just an uneasy feeling you have at this point in time. Did your surgeon indicate you might end up with length discrepancy before or after surgery and what you would have...
  12. Softtail

    THR Brisco06 Recovery from Aug 25

    Sounds like everything went well. Pain can jump all over the place, so would think the calf pain is normal. I don’t know about your surgeon, but mine always takes a n X-ray the following day after surgery. I saw mine and he said it went great. If yours took X-ray and or told you operation...
  13. Softtail

    THR Thigh pain at front, 4 weeks after THR

    Maldugs I am 4 plus weeks into my left hip replacement and other than a bit of numbness am pretty good . If I touch the outside of the hip I can still feel a touch of soreness ,but mostly I don’t notice it. My guess is it’s just your body taking a little longer to heal but is perfectly normal.
  14. Softtail

    THR I am now bionic

    Ok went to doctor to get stitches removed and get feedback on my fluid retention under incision. He said everything looked great and the swelling had reduced and told me he was certain over time body would reabsorb it. Had to laugh when he said if I was overweight I probably wouldn’t even...
  15. Softtail

    THR I’m so overwhelmed HELP

    Nchiodo, just curious if you are still suffering from RLS,to go along with your other sensations. I am a lifelong sufferer of RLS ,and quite honestly it’s the most frustrating thing I deal with after these surgeries. If you notice my biography you can see I am bionic 2 knees and 2 hips the...


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