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    THR Meralgia Parasthetica - any experience?

    @leejaa I meant my physiatrists, my pain and rehab MD above.... not psychiatrist!!!
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    THR Meralgia Parasthetica - any experience?

    I am disappointed and depressed with my progress on both hips. I stopped reading everyone's posts because I feel like I'm not healing well and don't want to compare. I am seeing a neurologist tomorrow AM for confirm Meralgia parenthetical in the first hip which the OS said I might have...
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    Revision THR Hope for 2020, Revised THR

    So happy for you after this long struggle!! I was thinking of you all day and couldn't wait to get home to see your posting. I can only imagine how relieved you are that this part of your journey is over. Take one day at a time knowing you're improving each day. I bet you will be ecstatic to...
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    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    @DesertDiva Good luck with your second surgery I'll be thinking of you. I end up sobbing and the next day I feel a lot better after the emotional release. @gardenangel They call a THR a physical wear and tear injury. I call it a mental and emotional wear and tear injury and have...
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    @HipLucy I am so relieved to hear your 6 week story about every day bringing a new worry because I have started to feel like I'm not psychologically adept at this recovery or the last one and I become embarrassed that I'm not "taking things in my stride" or "going with the flow". I go...
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    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    @Jaycey Thanks for reinforcing that. I seem to get caught up in how well everyone is doing and then get disappointed in my recovery. Even the surgeon will say so-and -so was walking a mile at 6 weeks as an example of how well some do, not to discourage me. I know some are so happy with...
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    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    I have been crying since Sunday because my second granddaughter was born over the weekend in Maryland and I intended to travel from NY (either fly or drive) to help out my daughter when she returns home from the hospital. The baby was due in 3 weeks and I thought I would be much better by then...
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    Thanks for the update. I am at 6 weeks and feeling blue and unmotivated like you were. I am not healing as fast as I did with hip#1. I have outside thigh pain on both legs and have taken some pain meds to give myself a day off. Feel like I have a brick on the outside of my leg where it's...
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    THR Last joint- That's my plan and I am sticking to it

    @leejaa My fellow 11/13 hippie Glad to see you're doing well. I am still using the cane. Not really comfortable walking without it. Feels like too much pressure on the operated leg. I think I'll be there next week. Really cold here in NY too . I try to do something little every day...
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    THR Finally Surgery Done

    I am sure your sleep will improve and you can stop worrying about this aspect of your recovery because worry seems to occupy most of our post surgical time. Once I get comfortable with the pillow between my legs, I find I tend not to move at all until a necessary bathroom visit , which...
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    THR Meralgia Parasthetica - any experience?

    @Debru4 and anyone Thanks for responding. I assume you had the anterior approach. Is this numbness a result of that approach? It's good to know that someone else has the same numbness. It feels so odd because I had both hips replaced this year, so it feels numb on both hips. I agree with...
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    THR Meralgia Parasthetica - any experience?

    How do I get those cute little emojis? I'm emoji challenged!!
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    THR Meralgia Parasthetica - any experience?

    Apologies for all the typing errors and autocorrect above.
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    THR Meralgia Parasthetica - any experience?

    In trying to determine this pain, soreness, tingling and zapping in my upper thigh of hip # 1 from March, I am taking gabapentin for a week, as the OS suggested. I have not noticed any nerve relief from the gala yet , and woke up this AM to zapping in my leg in one particular spot. I...
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    THR total hip replacement due to hip fracture

    @gardenangel Yes it is common to have numbness in upper thigh. I had anterior (for the second time in a year) 4 weeks ago and both hips are numb near the incision to the outer thigh. Hip # 1 is still numb from March. The skin is very sensitive in the outer thigh and starts exactly where...

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