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    TKR On the Mend

    6 1/2 Months Post-Op and Doing GREAT! Hello All. It's been awhile since my last post so time for an update. I can walk without pain. Am I completely "pain-free?" No! My knees and legs are stiff when I get up in the morning. My knees let me know when I overdo it (like the time I stood at a...
  2. MonarchMama

    TKR 3wks post LTKR 90*flexion OS not happy

    Cheech: Welcome to BoneSmart! You are in absolutely the best place for information and support as you heal from the trauma of TKR. I am glad that you are taking in the BoneSmart advice and, by reading your posts, I glean that you are learning to trust your instincts and that you are doing...
  3. MonarchMama

    TKR On the Mend

    @Noanie and @GZGirl22 : Thank you for your posts. Isn't interesting the many ways our bodies adjust to not only the assault of major surgery but also the requisite healing that follows the surgery? I've learned so much from Bonesmart and the posts of my fellow TKR'ers. I wish I'd known about...
  4. MonarchMama

    TKR On the Mend

    17 Weeks Post-OP. Just when I think I'm "healed" my knees (yes, both of them!) remind me that this really and truly is a 6-12 month journey. After my RTKR in June 2019, I didn't notice any differences in my LEFT knee. My RIGHT knee healed nicely and that was that. Then I got my LTKR in April...
  5. MonarchMama

    TKR 5 weeks post op, knee still stiff and aching

    Suzie: WELCOME to Bonesmart. Here you will learn the best ways to take care of yourself as you recover. The first 2-3 weeks are really, REALLY, ROUGH! Once you get through them, it gets better. Back off of extra exercises -- except for those ADLs (Activities of Daily Living.) Just REST...
  6. MonarchMama

    TKR Day 25

    Welcome Rockinfitz. I think you're in the right place but, if not, the moderators will take care of you. I'm wishing you the best as you recover from your TKR.
  7. MonarchMama

    TKR On the Mend

    4 MONTHS POST-OP Hello All. It's been 6 weeks since I last posted about myself so it seems like it's time to update. I'm better every day. I'm walking around our neighborhood to build my strength and endurance. Now that I've got two good knees, I've noticed that my gait has improved. I don't...
  8. MonarchMama

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Gingerbread: You absolutely should not have to endure this much pain. Call your doctor and insist that s/he give you something to relieve your agony. I am so sorry that you are suffering so. It's not right!
  9. MonarchMama

    TKR RubyWhitesocks TKR recovery

    RubyWhitesocks: Love your Ode to New Knee No. 1! You've captured the experience perfectly! I too have said more than once: "It was worth it but I'm glad I don't have a third knee because I am never going through that again!"
  10. MonarchMama

    TKR Hi All OzzieRock enters the world of BoneSmart.

    OzzieRock: Wow! I cannot imagine suffering since 1990(!!) with a messed-up knee. Time to get a new one. You are only 59. Imagine how great it would be to walk without pain for the next 25+ years of your life. I repeat: Time to get a new knee.
  11. MonarchMama

    TKR Hospital stay

    FurBabyMom: Yes, definitely trust your instincts. I had total confidence in my surgeon. For my RTKR in June 2019, I was scheduled to stay one night in the hospital. BUT, the next day, I couldn't be vertical without my BP plummeting! Scared me so much that I didn't want to go home. I stayed...
  12. MonarchMama

    TKR campcol1's Recovery Story

    Campcol1: Thank you for your inspiring post. If only we could all understand how important it is to advocate for ourselves, to be patient with ourselves, and to willingly accept help from others as we recover. It's so hard to "see" it when we're in the midst of it. "I'm not improving fast...
  13. MonarchMama

    TKR Arrangrls RKR Journey

    Hi Arrangal: I am 14 weeks post-op. My husband and I just hosted good friends for 4 days at our beach house. We walked on the beach, did short hikes around two of our local state parks, and walked around our picturesque beach town. I'm happy to report that my baby knee carried me through all...
  14. MonarchMama

    Bilateral TKR New member - Bilateral TKR February 2021

    Merlin: I enjoy your posts! Thank you for letting your personality show through. :-) I experienced telogen effluvium for 4-6 months after my RTKR in June 2019. Telogen effluvium is temporary hair loss that happens after stress, a shock, or a traumatic event (I think TKRs qualify!). I don't...
  15. MonarchMama

    TKR Can’t decide

    Tony: I decided to get my knees replaced because my knees were letting me down -- literally. My knees hurt and I couldn't depend on them to not collapse when I walked. I figured my knees would only get worse and that I'd end up in a wheelchair. Not acceptable at age 68! Of course, no one on...


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