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    How many of you have a leg length discrepancy following THR?

    Not been on here in such a long while. Some interesting reads recently but this one is very close to heart. I too have a LLD since my last revision, approx 3/4" and the point of me responding to this thread is I too never wanted to hear this & don't really want that raise. BUT I know it...
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    Fear of falling

    Hi Mary I felt a bit like you, disheartened - I knew I was doing OK but things just weren't happening fast enough. My Physio says the messages will take some time to reach the muscles because my brain has had them switched off for so long. I'm on my 8th week of physio and go to the pool...
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    surgery Monday

    Hi Sardi You said you were nervous about your recovery, don't worry yourself too much you'll more than likely sail through and wonder why you worried in the first place. And as for advice, listen to you OS, the Physios and Occupational Therapists, they are there to help you; don't move too...
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    Yoga, Pilates, Stretching

    Hi Gnny I mentioned about Pilates in my post on Core Muscles - my physio is referring me to the sports centre under our local exercise on prescription scheme, he beleives it will help with stability and along with my physio my general posture & strength will improve. Whilst waiting for a...
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    Advice: Non-Medical pain releif

    Hi Try making your pillows into a sort of arm chair so your neck & shoulders are supported and still use a shallow pillow under you knees if you need to. I wasn't able to sleep on my side until 6 weeks after op & then still had to have a pillow between my legs, I still use it now and I.m...
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    Friday, my doctor told me something strange...

    I was 27 when I had my first hip hip done & honestly the post op pain was nothing in comparison to the pain I'd had before so me needed little pain relief. I was 51 on my last revision surgery in November last year - and I had no post op pain, only took paracetamol in hospital, and not sure I...
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    2 year revision revue - stem cell question for Josephine

    Hi Karen Glad your 2 review was a good one and that your graft has taken well. I too am still having problems with my dentist; I posed the question here a couple of weeks back and with the response from Josephine and others I contacted my OS - who said "The national guidance on this is...
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    surgery Monday

    Hi By the time you read this you'll be all done & dusted! hope the surgery went well? I'm coming up to 5 months post op and only recently felt okay to get in/out of the bath; the team at your hospital will advise you, if you aren't sure on anything don't be afraid to call them when you are...
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    Hip recovery: 1 year Ago today THR

    Re: 1 year ago today. Hope the next year is even better! Karen
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    Various questions 1 wk after surgery

    Hi I had a DVT after my first op in 1983, didn't occur until 6 weeks after op. I suffered with calf/behind knee pain all that time but as soon as they got the blood thinned the pain did ease quite quickly. I have had quite a few ops and every time the leg feels like a dead weight but it...
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    How many of you have a leg length discrepancy following THR?

    I too think I have a discrepancy now, think that is why I am having so much trouble with my back. I think mine is around 1/2" to 3/4" but my OS says it about 6 months before he believes the joint to settle, so at my next appointment will get him to check, if I need a raise so be it. Trouble is...
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    4th Revision

    Hi Karen 10 months before you went back full time - did you go back part time before that? Let us know how you go on with your check up and what your OS says about his trip. Karen UK
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    Fear of falling

    Hi I Have exactly the same problem with my muscles - My Physio says he can see me trying so hard to do a particular exercise but nothing happens. He says some of the receptors in the brain have been 'switched off' for so long (as I haven't walked properly for years) it will take quite a bit of...
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    6 Weeks Post Op.

    Hi Paul It sounds like you are working very hard and imagine your muscles will improve very quickly, your exercise regime doesn't sound that slow to me. I am 18 weeks post op and still use one crutch, but I have had multiple revision surgery, due to birth defects, so it was to be expected. I...
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    hip replacements when you're young

    Hi Stan Just reading your post and the bike sounds interesting. I've never been able to ride a bike, never had the balance, but my OS says I could try static bike since this op BUT must watch the angle very carefully. I've been afraid to buy/try one but the one you describes seems like it...


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