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Apr 17, 2007

I posted here last year when I was having problems with my hip and responses from the forum were very re-assuring. My consutlant was looking at new implants but decided, after talking with colleagues, that another allograft would be the best option at my age. Transferred to new consultant (young) working in same hospital as my previous one; my old consultant said the new guy had new ideas/more experience on the kind of op I needed.

28th November 2007 (My 5th hip! since 1983 - I'm now 51)
I had a new allograft & socket, he wanted replace the femur head but (apparantly after hitting with a hammer) he couldn't get it off - he only wanted to replace it so he could get better leg length for me; but length looking good so far.

It has been the most pain free op ever, I had an epidural + some sedation in theatre, some IV paracetamol in recovery, epidural for the day after surgery and oral paracetamol post op on the ward (under advice of nursing staff-even though I didn't feel I needed it) - Currently in no need of any pain releif.

I'm 5 weeks post op now, I FEEL GREAT, NO PAIN and the scar has healed so well. I know I'm only partial weight bearing at the moment but it still feels better than pre op. Follow up in 3 weeks with XRay, then he might say I can start full weight bearing; that's when I'll know how it's really doing. Consultant was even kind enough to cut away all previous scar and start with a new neat line (it's like having a nip & tuck!); I've had no bruising either so he must have been ever so gentle. If this works I could get another 10 years or more out of this hip, then who knows what technology will have in store for me.

I'm hoping this year is the start of another era for me - all I want is to walk unaided (not miles) and get my independance back. I must take it slowly and ensure I recover fully before returning to work, my consultant said minimum 3 months, realistically 5/6 months; Work seem OK about it. I've a loving hubby who has helped me through all my ops over the years, couldn't have done it without him.

I became very depressed last year thinking that my pain, lack of mobility and loss of independance was going to be the life for me, but had to be positive and keep talking with my surgeon. I've been lucky, yet again, hopefully anyone in pain/awaiting surgery or those recently post op will have a better 2008 - I'm sure I will whatever the outcome.

That's fantastic, Karen! I am so pleased for you. What a great report.
Hi Karen

I am new to this site and had a revision of left total hip replacement nearly 2 years ago, I am 35. I have been really concerned about how many revisions you can have, but sounds like you have had a few - have your revisions been on the same hip ?

Great that you are doing so well and hope you are having a wonderful 2008.

Hi Karen in Australia

YES all my surgery has been on the same hip!

I was 27 when I had my first op in 1983, this was due to problems from birth (CDH). My first op lasted me for 5 years, this was due to the socket loosening. Since then I have had 4 revisions and yes they were all on the same hip. I have considerable bone defiiciency mainly due to the surgery done in early life but each time the revisions became more difficult, I had revisions in 1988, 1993 and on my 3rd revision in 1998 I had a large allograft (bone donated from the bone bank) screwed into place and another THR operaton was done. This hip lasted longer than any of the previous hips (10 years) but unfortunately this failed resutling in my 4th revision in November 2008. I never expected to be able to have yet another revision but technology moves forward so quickly and my new (YOUNG) consultant was happy to do the operation yet again.

I'm 17 weeks post op - things looking positive - my main problem is my muscles and I am currently having Hydrotherapy & quite a strict PT regime. It appears my core muscles are not recovering so quickly this time but I am older! With some very hard work I hope to be up and about with a as good a normal gait as possible. It is very frustrating for me as I am still off work, fitting in PT with my job is s no no at the moment - but in time do intend to return to work full time.

I know that each person is individual but from my experience anything is possible. If/when your hip needs revising again you hopefully will be as lucky as me; but even if one OS says no it always worth getting a second opinion. Good luck in the future, keep in touch.

How is your hip of 2 years? Anything you want to know I can always try to help; Josephine here on the site has so much knowledge and the posts can provide us all with useful info. Nice to see how far and wide it goes!

Karen in UK
Hi Karen UK

Great to hear positive results from multiple revisions on the same hip. I was unsure of how many you can have, as obviously I am 38 now and will need further ops. My last op in 2005 was also an allograft/revision with donated bone from the bone bank and some time of other artificial bone material. It was a lot longer recovery period but it feels good and I always seem to be on my feet, difficult to stop and rest when I should. I am going back to my surgeon on the 17th of this month and will have lots of questions for him on exactly what kind of prothesis I have - I have had the same surgeon since I was 17 and I doubt that he will be still operating when I need my next op, as he must be in his 60's now. He has recently been in the US so will hopefully have information on new technology.

Great to hear you are so positive and keep working those muscles !!!!

Hi Karen in Oz

You sound from your post that you are doing OK, how long was it before you felt the hip was yours? If your last op was in 2005 you hopefully will get a good long term before (if) you need any more surgery and you'll have a new OS. Just imagine what might be uouo there for us, people always said I'd be bionic one day! No op would be anything to look forward to but it does intrigue me what my OS will do next?

Good luck with your appointment

Karen UK
Hi Karen,

It definately took a lot longer to recover from the last op, but I returned to full-time work nearly 10 months after. I would say it took me about 18 months to feel fully recovered. It is amazing what they can do for you today !!! I am going on Thursday for my 2 year check up which is 6 months overdue and will be quizzing my surgeon about his recent trip the US. It seems there are much more advanced procedures out there that have not made it here to Australia yet. I am sure time will fly by and you will be back to normal asap. Keep those muscles working. Regards Karen
Hi Karen
10 months before you went back full time - did you go back part time before that? Let us know how you go on with your check up and what your OS says about his trip.

Karen UK
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