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  1. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Yippie Yippie.. Double Hippie!! (CricketHip)

    Yes, it's an incredible difference in the quality of life and sleep.
  2. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Revision THR A new year and new hope: revision for loosened THR

    Fantastic news! I'm so glad that you are out of pain.
  3. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Anterior Approach Walking Guidelines

    Congratulations on healing so well. I had the anterior technique for my bilateral surgery, too. My surgeon recommended that I work gradually. I was shocked to find I could walk unassisted one week after the surgery. I still took my walker when out in public, to keep people from running into...
  4. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Yippie Yippie.. Double Hippie!! (CricketHip)

    All is well here, @CricketHip. Thanks for asking. When I see things now, it makes me really appreciate the circumstances surrounding my surgery in 2015. Thank God it's over. Time has flown... My anniversary will be on August 18th. I had no idea I could feel this good. It just amazes me...
  5. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Surgeon in SF Bay Area needed

    Hi, you sound like you are all set. I'm guessing that there will be a delay due to the virus, though. Dr. Matta did my hips for me. I am thrilled with the results. I'm pretty sure there is a surgeon who he trained in SF. I can't remember his name. He is known for bilaterals. I hope...
  6. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR 1st THR - 32 - Right hip

    I was a professional dancer and had both of my hips replaced at 50. It took away the back pain, and all other pain. (once they had healed.) Mine were both bone on bone. That's great that you have the top surgeon. It makes such a difference. I had a famous surgeon here in Los Angeles: Dr...
  7. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Yippie Yippie.. Double Hippie!! (CricketHip)

    Hi @CricketHip. I just popped in and saw your thread. Sorry to hear that you have bursitis in your feet. That was nice of the podiatrist to see you. I hope that your hips are doing well. Sorry to hear about your husband. That must be stressful. I hope it all works out, and that he can...
  8. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Bilateral THR Aug.18 - a success!

    Just wanted to post an update. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I've had my hips for five years now. They still feel amazing. As Dr. Matta told me, I don't even know they are there. It's incredible. I have been able to travel the past couple years, which I could never have done...
  9. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Anterior Approach Walking Guidelines

    Hi Doug, I had both my hips replaced at the same time with the anterior method. I was also surprised at how quickly I was able to walk unassisted. I think it was after seven days I accidentally walked to the mailbox and forgot my walker. I didn't use a cane. I didn't need one. My surgeon...
  10. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Revision THR 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    I'm glad I had the surgery, too. Riding a bike is such an enjoyable activity.
  11. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Yippie Yippie.. Double Hippie!! (CricketHip)

    Hi @CricketHip, So sorry to hear about your wallet. That's funny that it happens often to "middle aged women". That's too bad that you had a bit of a setback. I'm sure you will heal. Sometimes when we are stressed we are more vulnerable to pain. It sounds like you are healing very well...
  12. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Fairydell's recovery thread

    Hi @Fairydell, I'm so excited for you. You sound so much more like your old self again. I would wait on the hula hoop, if I were you. I didn't do certain things, (like Pilates,) until a year after my surgery. There's so much going on with this healing, and your nerve damage was very extreme...
  13. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Revision THR 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    My surgeon's asst. recommended the bike. I just rode ten miles at the beach yesterday. I remember not being able to get on my bike anymore before having THR surgery. I thought I'd never ride again. It's such a great way to work your heart, be outside, and stay happy.
  14. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Revision THR 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    Hi @Corey W, I am also an avid cyclist who has had both hips replaced. (I had mine done at the same time.) I am riding my bike every day, and loving it. We have a lot of excellent trails here in Santa Clarita, and I also ride along the beach in Santa Monica and Venice. I can't remember when I...
  15. Hip Hip Hooray!

    THR Yippie Yippie.. Double Hippie!! (CricketHip)

    You sound great, @CricketHip. I'm happy to hear that your recovery is going so well. I was on Oxy and Tramadol after my surgery. It's interesting to hear your take on the meds. I didn't feel anything from the Tramadol, but took it just in case it was working and I didn't notice. The Oxy gave me...


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