Bilateral THR Both Sides NOW!

I had the most wonderful time in South Carolina - my granddaughter is a delight and a very intelligent girl (not surprising given that her Mom and Dad are both high IQ) - at age 7.5 she has already read the whole Harry Potter series! She's in 3rd grade and already reading and comprehending what she reads at a high school level! We had a lot of fun swimming, playing, shopping and putting together a photo album of her family. Her mother is a ..... how do I say this politely and get past the "censor" ...... very difficult person who takes intense dislikes to people over quite small things and then she just totally cuts them out of her life! She has done that to me, to my son's father, and to her own mother! So Morgan has very little concept of extended family - she was quite thrilled and amazed to see pictures of her relatives and to see that she actually resembles some of the relatives on my side of the family. And she loved seeing pictures and hearing stories of her Dad when he was a boy :)

I did set off airport alarms coming back to Portland - the airport had the old type of walk through arch rather than the newer sweep scan - so, sigh, yet another TSA patdown - no real biggy but a nuisance

The hips of course where perfectly fine through all the activity and the shoulder also did very well! Going swimming nearly every day helped a lot - I can't yet do a crawl stroke but side stroke, breast stroke and doggy paddle worked very well. I saw my shoulder surgeon again shortly after I returned from my trip and he was very pleased with my progress and said the xrays looked perfect :) I've been discharged from shoulder PT - and my range of motion is much much better than before surgery - it will probably never get back to full ROM like I had when I was 20something but that's OK - front closure bras work just fine ;) And again being pain free is a joy -

I'm going to try to add a couple of pictures from my trip 1-me hugging my granddaughter, 2-Morgan about to get on a horse, 3-son and granddaughter at the swimming pool



Oooow Deb, how lovely to get photos of yourself, Morgan and your Son. Morgan looks like a happy, giggly, fun girl and I can just imagine how much you enjoyed spending time with her.

You look so well, I am so pleased that your hips are good and your shoulder is also healed.. success all around. Hugs xx
@Hip Hip Hooray! It's lovely to see you back here! This old thread ... I reread it from time to time just to remind myself how things were back in the day. Bilateral hips still being wonderful! And I'm so glad yours are also wonderful!
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Happy 10th Hip-iversary to me! :flwrysmile:

Decided that this year - it being a relatively "big" anniversary - that I'd pull up this old thread for an update.

The hips are wonderful! I go about my mundane life with zero hip pain and no problems with walking, climbing stairs, stooping, bending, nor getting down to and up off of the floor. This truly was life changing surgery for me and one of the best things I ever did for myself. For those who are just getting new hips or are thinking of it - Yes I do forget I have new (well newer than original equipment any way) hips! Until I sign in here :eyebrows: And yes they now feel just like the original equipment!

I have not been doing much outside of the house because of the pandemic - trip to the grocery store about once a week has been the high light of my weeks for most of the past 2 years. Borinng! And alas has caused some extra pounds to move in. Over the past week though I've done more walking than usual. A friend has been in the hospital for intestinal problems and has been allowed only one visitor a day so I've alternated with his mother. Who ever designs hospitals (this one in particular) really needs to go back to architecture school! 1/4 mile just to get from front door to elevators then 1/4 mile back to where patient's room is.

All other joints are doing well - left thumb is a bit arthritic but not so bad that I want to get a new joint there. Some low back aches due to sitting too much I'm sure. And occasionally I have to have stern talks with the knees when they twinge a bit after me doing more than usual. But they are not so bad as to even think about replacing them.

I could not have gotten through this without the information and support of ALL the BoneSmart crew! And the help and support of family and friends. And of course the skill of my wonderful surgeon. Every day I am grateful for this pain free and productive life I have!

Thank you BoneSmart! :loveshwr:
Happy Ten Year Anniversary! Wow, that’s a big one and such an encouragement to the newbies. Actually to any of us following behind. Glad all is going well for you. Wishing you many more years of happiness and good health with those hips!
Bilateral wow Glad to see 10 years since and you are doing great. I am in week 5 post op with L THA not a double in your case.

I commend you on dealing so well with bilateral THA and Happy 10 Years and still going strong!
Happy Big Ten, @djklaugh :happydance:
So inspiring to see how BTHR gives us our full lives back! Giving back by encouraging and comforting those who will walk their own path to recovery .... you are an awesome Double Hippy!:loveshwr:
Happy Eleven Year Anniversary, Deb!
I hope you have a lovely holiday season and a happy, healthy 2023!
Thank you, Deb! Reading through your journey--wowza--you are a Wonder Woman!!! My apprehension has been allayed a bit about my upcoming THR. I appreciate your time and effort in documenting your progress; you are leaving a "well in the valley" for those of us who are finding it necessary to embark on this journey. Congratulations on those beauties, @djklaugh --you've earned 'em!
:happydance: I hope at my 11 year mark:loveshwr: this is exactly what I'll hear.
You rock, double hippy:tada:

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