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    TKR Surgery over now what

    I went to my massage therapist today, she worked on both knees. The right knee is inflamed and swollen. She did tell me that she sees a lot of knees and mine looks more like a year old knee rather than the 6 months it is. Ice, ice and more ice. I see my OS in two weeks.
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    Arthroscopy Pain day after

    I had a knee arthroscopy didn't realize that it was a big deal. I had a torn menicisus (sp) he repaired that. I thought I would get right back into life boy was I wrong. It took a month before my knee was happy with me. I wish I had found this site about icing and all the other tips. Would...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    My left knee is whining a bit, I imagine it will want it's turn in a couple of years
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    Just checking in. I'm a little over 6 months and still having some pain and swelling. The only real change I've made is waking 250 steps per hour. My watch reminds me. I am still having awful days of sleep and horrible days of sleep. This has been a problem for me since my divorce...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    Well been a while. I'm at the halfway mark of 6 months. Things are going pretty well. Still swelling and some pain (minor) in going up and down stairs. I'm still aware all the time that it isn't part of me. I'm hoping in time it will just feel like me. I see my OS next month in person...
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    PKR Maddening Restless Leg

    My OS suggested drinking some tonic water around 4 oz before going to bed. Once I started doing this it did help. Also if you are vitamin B deficient this can also cause restless legs, so I also have just started taking this Monday. I find the regular tonic water tastes better (it still...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    Had my teleconference today with my OS-he is very pleased with both flexion and extension If someone wants to add to my signature I have a Smith & Nephew Legion Femur and a Genesis Tibia inplant. One is titanium and the other is ceramic. He said they will wear better. He said when he saw my...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    I was suppose to see my OS tomorrow for a followup. Well with all that was happening it is now a teleconference. I really don't have much to talk about. Feeling pretty well, stiffness happens, going up and down the stairs is the most painful of anything I do. It isn't a horrible feeling but...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    I've having some pain on the right side of my right knee. It is swollen and hurts when I get up or down. Not sure if there is an issue or if it is just part of the healing process. Still hurts to walk up the stairs a little and more pain in going down the steps. I'm icing at night and still...
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    TKR Tight Band persists at Week 24

    I am around 14 weeks and have the tight band as well as a tight lateral muscle. I still have pain walking up and especially down stairs. I don't see my OS until April 1st (if we are even allowed outside by that time). I have some noises coming from my knee also, these must be the clunks...
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    TKR Post Op 1 week - highs and lows

    I'm not sure what type of ice machine you have but the one I have I have frozen water bottles-12 to be exact. I use them instead of regular ice. Someone told me that you can't keep up with using plain ice but the bottles last between 6 to 8 hours. I have a brega machine and use 4 bottles at a...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    Has anyone had an issue with their insurance company not paying for all of your PT? My insurance coverage states PT 20 actual. I as well as most other people I have talked with feel that is 20 visits. My insurance Humana has deemed that to mean 20 services not visits. So when they taped my...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    Is our immune systems weaker while we are in recovery? I've caught a cold/seasonal allergies and have been coughing with a sore throat for the past week and 1/2. Just wondering about the immune system during this process. Depression is still a daily thing.
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    My daughter said I can't play the knee card anymore. I told her I was so tired after working two days in a row Friday night I was exhausted. She said your far enough along you can't pull that card anymore. Why am I still so tired sometimes? It has been just over 12 weeks and I should be...
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    TKR Surgery over now what

    Is it bad to still take an oxycodone every now an then. Last night my knee and hip were very achy and unhappy. I don't think I've taken one for 2 weeks but last night was just bad. Does anyone else have this issue and take the stronger stuff every now and then?


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