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  1. gerilari

    TKR Macknit's recovery thread

    I have had both knees and hips replaced in the last four years. I've had pain with stairs, getting into cars, putting pants on, etc in my thigh and elsewhere. After all this time, I finally found a PT person how found an answer! I am so excited. I have "the stick" roller and I am using it on all...
  2. gerilari

    THR Friday the 13th New Hip

    It will be a week tomorrow but I'm doing ok. Every joint replacement is so different! Just lots of pain and then meds then sleep... I want to be awake and enjoying this time but I just doze off!
  3. gerilari

    Friday the 13th

    Thank you everyone for the support. Bone smart has always been great because you all know what I'm thinking and feeling. It's hard to stay optimistic when the people around you really have no idea about what you're feeling and thinking. I'm so happy to have you all. :hi:
  4. gerilari

    Friday the 13th

    I've had my right hip replace and both knees. I'm getting my left hip done this Friday and will be so happy to have it over with. Harder this time I think because I'm tired from all the surgeries the last few years and I know it will be a slow and long process to get back to where I have finally...
  5. gerilari

    2019 September Sapphires - Are you having hip surgery in September?

    I am having my final replacement on Sept 13th. Thanks
  6. gerilari

    Bilateral TKR Kathi777's New Knees

    Hi! Sorry to hear about your back. I started to have back pain about six months after my Bilateral. Doc said it was arthritis. My lower back used to really bother me years back but then improved. Now that I am able to walk upright and more normally, I feel my back again. BUT... I'm still crazy...
  7. gerilari

    Bilateral TKR Hard night

    Thank you all... I needed that. I haven't been here for so long I forgot that anyone cares. I think you are all correct and I will get to walking. My heart problem is AFIB and leaves me breathless, etc. but i should be able to do more... i was just feeling let down by my body and didn't think...
  8. gerilari

    Bilateral TKR Hard night

    Hello again. I hope everyone is hanging in there. What a wild ride! I am at 8 months recovery now and am having a couple of issues. My knees were doing fine. I was almost back to normal. I developed a heart condition and it keeps me sitting several days a week without much exercise. when i'm...
  9. gerilari

    THR exercises for hip post 8 weeks<

    I have developed pain in the same place. I hope you have some ideas Josephine! All PT does is have me stretch doing a lunge but that hurts my knees.
  10. gerilari

    Upcoming bilateral total knee replacement

    Just take clothes to come home in. While you are there, just wear their gowns. You really won't care and will be out of there in no time. I was in the hospital two nights and don't remember much about it. I think the pain meds fixed me right up. ;) It's going to be fine. Just don't over think it...
  11. gerilari

    TKR Deep knee bend

    I am four months post op and have over bent my knee twice now. The first time was getting into the car too fast and the second time was just yesterday. I was going to sit on a picnic table bench and didn't realize how low it was and that I had my heels too close to the bench. I sure felt it but...
  12. gerilari

    Bilateral TKR Hard night

    Just wanted to let you all know how I'm doing. Today is the four month mark for my two new knees. I am very happy with them. I can work in the yards and ride the mower. I can even get on the ground and crawl under it when it throws it's belt! I'm not taking any more meds for pain. Just moving...
  13. gerilari

    TKR Little over seven weeks Left TKR<

    I had both knees done on March 7th this year and I only notice that I had surgery when I go to bend them to the extreme for some reason. No more pain anywhere. No sleeping problems. No pillow between knees. I am getting up and down off the ground because my ridding lawnmower throws it's belt all...
  14. gerilari

    MUA knee so stiff<<

    I'm at four months and my knees bend fine now, but I still feel the tight "band" thing across the top of my knee. It is decreasing bit by bit but like this whole recovery, it takes ever so long and I want it now. ;) It will feel better.. not soon.. but it will.
  15. gerilari

    TKR 8 weeks lots of pain<

    I had both knees replaced March 7th. I only did PT after the first two weeks and then only once a week. I also only did what I thought was good for me and didn't let them push me further. (after everyone on bonesmart told me not to. ;) I stopped PT before they told me to because I found it...


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