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    THR Elf1 Recovery Road

    @Elf1 Have a fun Saturday, glad it cooled off for your party. Our low was 38° this morning, later 50° around 5 o'clock. Supposed to get sunny later and the next couple days. Rained all day yesterday, but I have a light weight rain suit and went for my walk anyway. Rain or snow I'm on the go...
  2. Cecropia

    Revision THR Hope for 2020, Revised THR

    @Fit4Family Sounds like you are figuring out ways to still do some things. Sometimes we have to get creative to get through the bumps. ♥️
  3. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    @CricketHip Your new pic is cute. Thanks. I don't know about recovery success story, hope someday. My husband says I'm a "gamer". I'm still struggling along, but I hope I can give a better update at 5 months than my 4 month was. :fingersx:
  4. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    :wave:I did it. Went kayaking this afternoon for 2 hours. Got in and out okay. I have a sit inside kayak. The lake is no wake, no cottages. A little color starting north a ways. My last challenge for the warm season accomplished and hip soreness no worse. Did not need cane. One pic of lake and...
  5. Cecropia

    THR Linette333 is in recovery<

    Your doing great!!! Sounds like you are noticing improvements even if they are gradually coming on. 5 months should be even better.
  6. Cecropia

    THR Ahipgma recovery

    @ahipgma Glad you will br pain free soon with that tooth. Good report from your doctor.
  7. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    @Fit4Family I go days w/o the nerve jolt, think all's well. Even carried my hiking poles the last 2 times I walked outside, did not use them. Then today I stepped wrong or something inside my house and bam, jolt from hip to my foot. Like an electric shock. Man it hurts for a second. Still went...
  8. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    @ceezee and @Calgal if you hold down the like button the other choices show up, I have trouble keeping my word area showing.
  9. Cecropia

    THR Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj 3 years ago, I went to shampoo my living room carpet and after removing the furniture, I started ripping it up instead. My husband stood bewildered, I said loudly, "This is the last room with carpet, it's old and I hate it. Let's get some really pretty wood flooring". And we did...
  10. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    And I hate the new changes... :dubious:
  11. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    @Barbaraj @Layla Barbara, I can get in and out of the car okay, but on landing the op leg on the ground, I first stand a moment to see if it is working okay. A little pain is okay, but if I get an electric shock feeling upon landing it, I know to use my cane till it loosens up. Layla, my aunt...
  12. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    @Calgal My aunt in Arizona has been taking Aleve am and PM she said for about 20 years since she was 70 for arthritis. She's never had a problem with her stomach. She's also a breast cancer survivor. She just turned 90 and said she's still taking the aleve. She has never smoked or drank any...
  13. Cecropia

    THR Elf1 Recovery Road

    @Elf1 Sounds like things are progressing really well for you. And how fun to look forward to your Oktoberfest party Oct. 12. I know it's hot down there, but no snow coming. lol. Our winter seems so long, and the older I get the longer it gets. Hope that cool front comes soon, but NO SNOW. lol
  14. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    @mainegirl1 We have beautiful color in the fall, lots of deciduous trees. The color has not come on yet, maybe in the UP, but not in Southern MI. Further into October it will be really pretty. Sorry to be a poop, but I'm not into fall...even with the color....I prefer all green or rocks like...
  15. Cecropia

    THR Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj I think keeping busy really helps, even if you have some stiff mornings and some discomfort at times during the day. You seem to have the recovery system figured out pretty good and soon it will be a distant memory....and good times ahead...♥️


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