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    Class of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Hippies

    Hi fellow Bonesmarties and a very Happy New Year to you all I'm a member of the Class of 2011 and 2013 and am happy to report that my hips are amazing and I rarely think about them now. This forum gave me so much support when I had my ops and I can't thank you all enough for that. Good luck to...
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    Class of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Hippies

    Danni what a wonderful encouraging post, thank you ! Although my new hips are only just over 2 years and just over 8 months old respectively I already find myself wondering about how long they will last and what a revision would be like so it is great to hear how well yours has turned out. Best...
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    THR 10th of January LTHR

    Hi Cati,sorry have been absent from BS for quite a while as I went back to work on 25 March so after a day on the computer tend to not use it much at night! So sorry to hear you're having problems with your knee but it will all turn out right in the end. You said it yourself, 4 years of damage...
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    System kicks me out after writting a few paragraphs x2

    I've just been logged out too lulu - thought it was something I'd done but for the life of me couldn't think what!!!!!
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    THR Just had my hip replacement on Jan 14th.

    Hi Lulu, That must have been such a terrible shock to lose your boyfriend so suddenly I am so sorry. Bumper sounds like a lovely girl -I believe they can be a bit feisty. I remember years ago when we lived in Dorset my husband and I were in a large pet store and there was a beautiful cockatoo...
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    Revision THR An Incredible Journey

    What an inspirational outcome TirednowHappyHippy. I've just read through your story and all you've been through with pain and your fight to finally find someone to sort things out for you. I'm so delighted to hear that at last the solution has been found and you can now move on to a happy...
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    THR Nearly Two Years after LTHR and now a popping/movement sensation

    Hi sissy46 Yes in the UK we call them physiotherapists Anne :dancy:
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    THR 26 days and I need a hug.

    Hi Queenie so how was the pyjama party, sounded like a brilliant idea! AliPali - I've always thought how much fun Zumba looked but was scared to even consider it but the Zumba Gold sounds more like it Lovely sunshine (but flipping cold) in Shropshire today, hope everyone else is getting it too...
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    THR Just had my hip replacement on Jan 14th.

    Hi lulu So sorry to hear you're having a spell of the blues , you're not alone my dear I had a mega weep yesterday, came from nowhere and I just sobbed and sobbed. I do admire you for coping so well without someone around all the time you help you out, that must be tough to say the least. Do...
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    THR Yippee, that's the other one sorted!

    Anniepops Well Hi Ann delighted to report that the wind has now dropped although I see it's supposed to return tomorrow but from a colder direction, brrr, we could do without that. How great that you are now at the stage of being able to go for long walks with your dogs, it's like being reborn...
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    THR 26 days and I need a hug.

    Ooh yes, excellent pressie. Enjoy! Xxx
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    THR 26 days and I need a hug.

    Here's a HUGE cuddle from me Queenie, down days are grim aren't they. I don't have any PT either Queenie - my hospital doesn't advise it for hip replacements, they just advise walking and as it's one of the top orthopaedic hospitals in the UK then that's good enough for me! I don't feel my...
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    THR 10th of January LTHR

    Hi Cati, how's it going? I'll bet you're racing round on those crutches now.Did your sick note arrive from the hospital? I didn't get mine till Saturday as the postman didn't deliver all week due to the ice and snow. Nannyannie - very encouraging to hear how well your Dad's hip is doing. I must...
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    3 years after op

    Brilliant news!


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