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  1. andpeaches

    TKR 9 Months Post TKR Pain

    I am actually just about 23 months post op R TKR and I was searching for any advice on occasional pain and stiffness STILL even at almost 2 years! But I clearly remember at 9 months I was bewildered at how much it still hurt going up the stairs. Not as bad going down but putting full weight on...
  2. andpeaches

    Revision of 3½ year old TKR**

    :swoon:Oh no! @Josephine ugh..... not fair! But all of us who you’ve helped and encouraged, we will try and keep you positive through this “blip” on your journey. Sending best thoughts :meow:
  3. andpeaches

    TKR Increase of stiffness and back of knee pain<

    :wave:Hi @roboknee ! And @rustic Happy new year belated to you both! I really enjoy reading how you’re both doing because we’re close in recovery, my knee still swells too after standing on it for hours so thanks @sistersinhim for reminding us we’re only 4 months! Some days it just feels like I...
  4. andpeaches

    TKR Walking, skiing, bicycling

    @DIYSteve You. Are. Amazing! :cheers:
  5. andpeaches

    MUA DebP's recovery thread<^

    :wave:Hi dear @DebP ! I just read your thread starter. Oh man it hurts at 2 weeks :bawl:and I can relate. Except that it sounds like you had a partial on the L AND a TKR on the R? Is that correct? If so you are pretty much a bilateral TKR at this moment. My BF also a nurse had her single R...
  6. andpeaches

    TKR 1 month post op. Weaning off pain medications?^

    :welome:@DebP ahhhh I know pretty closely how you’re feeling at 2 weeks and I’d be so happy to help you along with encouragement and a willing listening ear over the next 3 months as you GET BETTER! And getting back to work! I’m going to write to you on your starter thread so the moderators are...
  7. andpeaches

    TKR Walking, skiing, bicycling

    :wowspring:@DIYSteve I hope you know how much inspiration you give to all those TKRs out here who are dying to get back to XC or green-blue trail skiing!! Like me!! Thank you!! I had a dream the other night I was skiing and it was so beautiful and now I see your post!! Next winter I’m...
  8. andpeaches

    TKR 1 month post op. Weaning off pain medications?^

    4 Months and Life is OK!!! A smart BoneSmart’er said somewhere on some post that we should all look back once a month and celebrate what’s better? What’s easier? I had a hard time finding those betters and easiers during the first 2 months but now I’m seeing it!! What’s better? My energy level...
  9. andpeaches

    TKR TKR September 10

    Hi @flsungirl ! Hope you are enjoying this new year... one new knee done and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for at least one knee now? I laughed reading about you flying down the stairs! Amazing how we can forget about the damn knee at times now! I’m at 4 months and stairs are much...
  10. andpeaches

    MUA Poor Flexion - Does age matter?<

    @KDIMATT Way to go!!! I’ve been thinking about you!! I’m so happy to hear your knee went round the bike!! I do hope now that you can ride a stationary bike (a sweet stationary bike at that) you can see the normal days ahead when you don’t give a hoot about your flexion/extension anymore. My...
  11. andpeaches

    TKR 1 month post op. Weaning off pain medications?^

    Thank you so much @Jaycey :roseshwr:
  12. andpeaches

    TKR My TKR journey

    Hi @JazzyJ :wave:I loved reading that you are going to yoga at 6 months postop TKR! I’ve been very much missing my yoga practice ever since my RTKR which was 3 months ago. How did you ease back into yoga?? May I ask??
  13. andpeaches

    TKR 1 month post op. Weaning off pain medications?^

    My 3 month update! I am back to work full time and pleasantly surprised to report no problems with the long hours or the dreaded stairs. Oh I’m taking my time going up and down of course! Co-workers have been great allowing me to sit during rounds and occasionally will run ahead in emergencies...
  14. andpeaches

    TKR Claire's recovery journey<

    Hi:wave:@Clairebear! I am just 12 wks and I also have tenderness on front of my knee that turns into screams when it’s overused. I also found that when I was in the pool I easily over stretched my knee (felt nice at the time) but it bothered me a few hours later. I also have an annoying...
  15. andpeaches

    TKR Increase of stiffness and back of knee pain<

    @roboknee :wave:HI!! Oh my! when I read your post I feel like I’m reading my own!!!! Except I truly don’t care anymore about my flexion. I think if we can walk that’s all that matters. Your stair challenges and your knee reaction is same as mine! I have a Fitbit too and slowly have found my step...


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