Reverse Shoulder Replacement Reverse rotator cuff replacement May 10th prep

I have former clients who say the same thing. Just like BoneSmart two joints are the same, even on the same person.
I’ve heard the best solution was the electric kefir chair. Then support with pillows to your liking.
Foods—. Frozen is best. Pop in oven or microwave, IF you can lift with one arm?
All of my surgeons advised taking in more protein to optimize healing- I was given a pamphlet of the best foods, maybe ask your surgical team?

Wishing you the best! May 10 will be here soon, that’s the good news.
Hi Markieamark,
As far as food ideas, it depends upon what you like.
Protein is important for healing and you may or may not feel like eating full meals initially.
Frozen meals are definitely easy, especially if you're alone.

Some ideas of items you may want to have on hand if any appeal to your taste:
Nuts, Trail Mix
Turkey roll ups (cheese or veggies rolled inside the turkey) Tuna, Beef Sticks, Canned Salmon on Crackers, Chicken Salad.
Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Cheese Slices, Hard Boiled Eggs
Cut up Veggies & Hummus, Edamame
Peanut Butter and Apple, Peanut Butter on Celery
Protein Bars, Protein Shakes
No Bake Energy Bites if you have someone to make them they are super easy (many online recipes)
Fresh fruit

Hope this helps! Wishing you lots of comfort as you wait out these last few days before surgery.
OK 2 days out from RTSR - Question to all:
What should my family and I expect on the ride home and the first few nights -
What will I have to do and what will they have to do.
I know that meals will have to be either finger food like wraps or foods that can be pre-cut up for me.
Resting (I finally got my big recliner!), moving (Can I go for short walks?) or what -
How did it feel for you the first few day's and nights?
I also get my Nice1 ice (Ice not needed) machine delivered and set up Tuesday as well.
Just want to know the last minute preps and day of & after expections.
Thank you all so kindly!!


good luck in two days for your surgery. you will possible need to remove the ice and get up to move around some during those 5 hours of alone time. I could not use the cryo cuff lent to me becuase it was too hard to use unless my husband was around to place it back on me. Even the ice packs are challenging sometimes. Be careful with the other shoulder. Mine has gotten worse now that it has to do so much more. Still sleeping is a tad easier now. You sound very well prepared and the surgical center sounds really good.Best of luck !!
@Markieamark Once home you are going to feel tired. healing from joint replacement takes a lot of energy and much healing occurs during sleep. So be prepared to nap when you need to. Yes you can take walks! Other than not moving the shoulder much and avoiding jarring it, you can do pretty much what ever you feel up to. Yes it will be awkward with the sling. The hospital and your surgeon will give you post op instructions to take home regarding any exercises they want you to do, how to care for the incision, how to take your pain medication, etc. Do follow these instructions.

As I recall the first couple of days were manageable ... take medication as prescribed, apply ice frequently, rest, and find some non strenuous entertainments. I found showering a bit awkward at first since I could not move the arm much. Most activities of daily living (ADLs) were doable and i did not require much assistance though I had my wonderful cousin with me for a week and my housemate/renter around in the evening and weekends. At first sleep was interrupted until I got the pillow positions worked out and naps were standard for the first couple of weeks.

For me travel home was not difficult as home was about 15 minutes from the hospital and my cousin is an excellent transport person. Though hooking up the seat belt did require her assistance!

Congratulations on your new shoulder! :cheers2:
haven't heard how the surgery went for you but fingers crossed you are ok!

Sorry but my laptop had died.
My surgery went extremely good!
The pre-op process was very informative and the staff were terrific.
I was moved to a different room to have the nerve block put in and that was a big no issue step a well.
I did sign a document to get my bones back as my science museum I helped build is going to put then on display!
The museum manager is a forensic anthropologist.
When I came to, I was glad to have my 18yo son there in recovery as they gave me home instructions.
My head was a it foggy but I felt good.
getting home and in my recliner was good and we put the Nice1 Ice Machine on and put it in gentle mode.
No compression, minimum cold, consistent mode.
I will post now in the post op forum. Thanks Everybody for the great advice!!



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