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Mar 15, 2023
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I need both done but May 10th get a Reverse Rotator Cuff done on my right shoulder - going to wait until the end of the year for the other. That just needs a tendon re-fastened down.

I just joined this forum as I am getting Surgery on May 10th for a right arm reverse rotator cuff. They gave me a nice guide as to what to have on hand like a recliner which I do not have yet. I will gladly take recommendations from others there. I am going to several places here and try them out.

They will be providing a Nice1 Cold Compression System as well.

I'm 66 and live in Durango, Colorado and am looking forward to getting this done. I will miss not going to our Hot Springs for 3-4 week though.

I will keep a close eye on this forum for any tips and suggestions.

Thanks all.
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@Markieamark Welcome to BoneSmart! There are several threads about recliners - you can use the search function here and put in "recliners" ... not all threads will be in the shoulder section but that's OK. Since you are having the right shoulder done first it might work best for you to look for a recliner to either rent or buy that closes the foot rest with either a button (electric) or closes by pressing with your legs. A hand lever is usually on the right side and that would be difficult and painful to use after a shoulder replacement.

Start practicing now to be one handed for a while ... especially if the right is your dominant side. Shoulder replacement means you'll have a sling with a padded bolster to wear for about 3-6 weeks. You can take that off to shower, dress, and do some gentle "swing the arm" exercises that you will be given in the hospital. But it is a bit awkward to wear that (not uncomfortable). You will be able to use the right hand to hold things down while using the left hand to do the work .... like opening a jar or spreading mayo on a sandwich. And the sling does make any clothing adjustments and hygiene needs a bit tricky.

As with any joint replacement you will need to practice patience .... heal first then work on range of motion and strengthening. And shoulders are complex joints with many muscles and tendons that will be traumatized during this surgery so they all need to heal which takes time.

I've had 2 shoulder replacements though mine were both standard ones not reverse ones. For me it took about 5-6 months to heal then go through the full physical therapy regime to get each shoulder back to full functioning. But everyone is different.

Best of everything for you! And do ask any questions you might have.
@djklaugh Thank you so kindly for your input!
I really appreciate any suggestions from all and want to get thru this as best as possible and voices of experience will help alot.
OK Looking for any recliner suggestions as I've been told go 3-4 weeks upright or semi-upright
Want power remote, cloth if possible, Thoughts kind folks?
Whatever is most comfortable in your price range. We have Flexsteel.

It's hard to find Recliners with the control on the left hand side or with remotes. Still looking but got to go visit our two furniture stores here in Durango, CO. Not many local places to choose from but want to get in them to feel the best.
I got nice packets from our surgery center with good tips and such (Can I share these on this post?)

Thank you all so much for your input!

What a great forum.


OK, Something a friend said I should ask this form for:

What pre-surgery questions should I ask the Dr.
Like what device are they putting in me, how long until PT starts, etc.

If you have questions I should ask, please post!
I'll make a list and get it to him before my appointment

Thank you all so much!
@Markieamark Everyone has different priorities in terms of need for information. I asked about:
can I have anti-nausea medication
restrictions post op
what pain management will be used
what type of prosthesis
will stitches or staples be used to close the wound
when can I drive
who to contact with any post op problems
how long out of work

There are probably more questions but you get the idea. I always take the list with me and write down the answers while I am in the consultation. These appointments can be nerve wracking. Having the answers on hand eases the stress.
@Jaycey Thank you so kindly!
You have some questions I did not so this helps.
I will also be submitting the questions on our Patitnt Portal before the appointment to give him a heads up.

Folks, keep them coming!


I'm adding these questions:

How is Reverse Shoulder Replacement Different from Traditional Shoulder Arthroplasty?
How Long Will the Procedure Take?
How Will I Manage Pain After Surgery?
Where Will My Incision Be?
What Can I Do to Speed Up the Healing Process After the Procedure?
@Markieamark Good questions!
What Can I Do to Speed Up the Healing Process After the Procedure?
I have the answer to this one - nothing. You can't speed up any recovery. In most cases patience and time are needed. You could ask what PT would I benefit from and when do I start PT. Most of our shoulder members report that PT really helped them get back their mobility.

I'll scratch that question off of my list! That's pretty much what I've been reading - patience!!

Thank you kindly!
OK Less than 1 month before my surgery - looking for final tips to get my room ready - I live upstairs and got a shower chair and extensible shower head. I am going to use the NICE1 shoulder system - no ice needed other than that my 18yo said to get a college refrigerator :) I am still thinking as to what to have near my recliner.

Thanks all!
Need some input please. May 10th is coming close.

What are good Recovery meals / snacks to take since sitting so long?
I'd love to be able to walk around but do not know if I can with my Nice1 Ice unit - once they deliver I will find out.
There will be times I'll be home for say 5 hours a day until school gets out for summer.
Any specific precautions?

Oh - for sleeping in a recliner, can I tip back at all? nothing in the Dr's paperwork state how far back I can go.
Hi Mark, we have a great recovery thread with lots of nutritional information.I will leave you the one that I think specifically addresses your question. More can be found by going to the tool bar above on this page and click on the search feature and type in Nutrition.

You can read the article that I referred to here

Which will then have you in the right place to find more articles.. I hope this helps! @Markieamark
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It's 10 days until my RTSR - I think I'm pretty much got everything.
Now going to start planning meals easy to make or pre-make.
Designing my area around my recliner for ease of access.
Get my Nice1 Cold Therapy System in 5 days.
Got my Breg Slingshot 3 sling and have tried it on - might need to get it re-adjusted.
Getting Soap Dispenser for shower to make it easier.
Also!! Can one recline fully back in a recliner after surgery as long as you have pillows to keep you from going on your side?

Thanks for any/all suggestions!


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@Markieamark yes you can recline fully back .... or sleep in your usual bed .... or on the couch. What ever is most comfortable and how ever you can prop up the shoulder. I tried all three of those with each of my shoulders - for some reason recliner worked best for the right and bed worked best for the left. Go figure!
Thanks @djklaugh - My Doctor just replied:
No right answer.
First couple days might be more comfortable to sleep more upright; block can make breathing feel funny, more comfortable to sleep upright.
After that, just finding a comfortable position



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