Bilateral THR Iliopsoas tenotomy - any experience?

@hbl I really am so sorry that you’re still struggling with pain. Since you see the surgeon in 6 weeks, was that how long he was giving you to completely heal? From my position in the cheap seats, you still have some possible options. One is to try another tendon injection if it is recommended and your healing is complete. The second option is to consider a complete release of the tendon (which I had.) Lastly, there is hip revision where they would revise the acetabular cup placement. My surgeon had offered me this even though my overhang was not that severe but definitely causing my symptoms. I decided that the lesser invasive complete release was my best option.

Why haven’t you gotten relief yet? What’s the next step? As frustrating as it is, only your ortho specialist can answer those questions. If 6 weeks seems like too long a period to wait, then perhaps you could contact your surgeon’s office to get some advice or support now. There’s always second opinions as well.You could always try a different practice to get a fresh pair of eyes on your situation. The frustrating thing is, it all takes time-the one thing we are the most impatient about. When we fall into the outlying category, it takes a bit longer to get issues figured out and treated. Just keep taking that next action step and don’t give up. Baby that tendon in the meantime and know you’re not alone.
Hi hbl-I'm so sorry you're going through this. I think I can safely say I know how you feel; if you check my thread you'll see I've gone through the same journey-I could have written your last post word for word. My partial tenotomy was in August 2020, followed by a couple of weeks with just toe-touch weight bearing on crutches, then three months of very specific PT.

I wanted so badly for it to be the fix as it very often is(the success rate I heard was the same)...but in my own case after all that PT, more steroid shots, and more xrays, I was referred to a surgeon who did revisions. I had revision surgery 10 days ago, and while the surgical pain is there, the stabbing, nagging, limiting groin pain of my cup impinging on my muscles is gone. I went through four years of shots, PT and the tenotomy and I was leery of having a revision but now I wish it had been done much earlier.

For you it's still very early days from your release surgery with a checkup 6 weeks away, but could you possibly see your doctor sooner? I wish you all the best and will look for your updates.
Thank you both, I really appreciate your comments. I am going to give it the time to see if it does get better over the coming weeks before I see my surgeon. Instinctively I feel I'm in for a hip revision.
HBL, I am new to the forum and just seeing this, but maybe right behind you. I wonder if you did the hip revision? And if so, how did it go? Also, did I understand you to say you did a partial tenotomy? And if so, did you consider a full tenotomy, as a second step, before or instead of the hip revision?

Wishing you all best!
@jdk hbl hasn't been on this thread since August of last year. I see you've posted a recovery thread, you'll probably get more feedback there. If you look in the upper left corner of a post it will show you the last date the thread was commented on.

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