THR Hopefully Hippy Recovery

Best Wishes, SG!
It’s getting real! I know you’ll do great and we’ll be cheering you on all the way!
I hope you get some sleep tonight. :yawn: :sleep:
All the best healing Mojo coming your way @SurreyGirl
You've got this:friends:
Wishing you all the best and hope you're sleeping comfortably so you're ready tomorrow. @SurreyGirl
Got a good nights sleep thanks!

9th August Royal Surrey


I was told finally to check in at this time . The place is packed…

Admissions nurse looks confused. She couldn’t find my records. Luckily I had the letter on my phone so they confirmed op at 1:30pm.. so I am here far too early . Sitting in the waiting room
- with a mask on!!

07:25. Luke, the Consultant’s doc, sees me. Looks like “Damon from the old TV series The Champions”…. Handsome and Charming.

Marks my right leg up with a huge black marker pen. Double-checks my consent form.

Asks me re any concerns so I emphasise how worried I am about the pain relief post op. I also explain re the timing mix up

Epidural to be discussed with anaethetist..
Drugged up to the eyeballs as spinal wore off early. This came as a surprise to all except me Currently in the recovery ward..admissions screwed up re op timing but I’m ok..but a tense 6 hour wait at the hospital
prior to the op..would have rather had it in the morning as originally planned.

Feeling ok if very nauseous. Spinal wearing off do asked for and got morphine and codeine. Hospital cocked up the Admissions time…. I stayed as calm as possible. X
How do I start a new recovery thread. In the mood for blogging tomorrow :)
Good job... I will start one for you since you are Drugged up to the eyeballsGood:) :-) (:

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