MUA 5 weeks Post op TKR

Update—-so had my appt today with my doctor and he has scheduled a manipulation for next Thursday due to all of the scar tissue obstruction keeping my ROM at bay! Although I’m scared to death I’m hoping and praying this will be best for my pain and ROM!!
@mxmotomom381 i wish you the best with your appointment next Thursday. I feel like it will set you back to day one. I also think you would eventually get there without the manipulation, but what do I know. I’m not a doctor or a surgeon, just someone that is going through this recovery ❤️‍ too. I hope it gives you the results you want.
I feel that is the case too but hoping I will recover much quicker!! Thank you
Good luck with your MUA. I feel it's much too soon for you to go through this and it's swelling that's keeping your knee from bending well, but you know your body much better than I do. I pray that you will be happy with it. The MUA will set your recovery back for a month or more since all those soft tissues will be traumatized again. Give your knee lots of rest, ice, and elevation afterward!
My swelling is definitely not visual at all. My knee appears very normal in size. I ice it often too. I just feel so undecided just want it all behind me as I know everyone else in this discussion does as well. I’m not a complainer but seems it’s all I’m doing lately!!! Ugh!!!
If you click on the prefix
, you can read threads from those that have had MUAs. This should help to ease your mind about it.
Hi there. I am new to this sight and I guess I'm looking for some, perhaps, understanding? In regard to my frustrations. TKR on June 13th. All going reasonably ok with lots of bruising,swelling & slowly gained bending. Then increased stiffness, heat & almost electrical pains shooting on the outside of the knee & on the lower section of my outer thigh just above the knee. Saw a PT yesterday & Synovitis or Capsulitis was suggested?
New 'hanging' exercises& lots of ice. I'm curious to hear if anyone here has had a similar experience.
@Nannasan, how about starting your own Recovery Thread and tell us all about yourself? This is mxmotomom381's thread and we don't want to take it off of her topic. Here is how you can do that. Starting a new thread

This word scares me. Please be careful. We're rooting for you.

Certainly happy to read that your pain is under control! :happydance:
Have a lovely weekend and keep in touch.
Well….the nerve block wore off so I was pretty sore and swollen today. I’m gonna continue to keep it moving as best I can to keep the stiffeness at bay!!! Hoping for better days to come!!!!
Uh oh! I hope you can get the pain under control and you're able to catch some restorative rest overnight.
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. :fingersx:
Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I hope with every day that it continues to loosen up and get back to normal!!!
Just be aware that an MUA does upset the soft tissue. Don’t be surprised if your ROM numbers decrease a bit, until you heal from the MUA. This recovery is compared to the ups and downs of a rollercoaster for a reason. You will get back to normal, but it will take time.
You’re welcome!
I hope with every day that it continues to loosen up and get back to normal!!!
It will. Take it slow and easy and with lots of patience, you’ll get there!
We’re rooting for you! Keep us updated on your progress.
Here is an article on MUA from the BoneSmart Library in case you haven’t read it.
Well, I am 5 days post-Manipulation. Let’s just say I’m not impressed. I am so sore and it even hurts to walk now. I was instructed to do aggressive PT 5 days a week and I am on day 4 of it and it sucks! I don’t feel like this has helped at all. It is getting somewhat stiffer, I was able to get to 100 ROM yesterday which was ok but at this point in my recovery, I would give anything to turn back time and deny this TKR for sure! I have the ice machine so using it often but still painful at night trying to sleep. Taking my pain pain meds as instructed just not helping!

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