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You must be a registered BoneSmart member and logged in to the forum to start a thread.
Guests who are not registered are only authorized to read threads and posts and may not comment.

There are areas on the forum where posting is not permitted. So when you're ready to start a thread, be sure you are in one of the areas listed below. These areas all have their own index page that allows you to start a thread there.

* Hip Surgery Pre-Op
* Hip Surgery Recovery
* Knee Surgery Pre-Op
* Knee Surgery Recovery
* Shoulder Surgery Pre-Op
* Shoulder Surgery Recovery
* Other Joints
* Help & Information/Bugs, Errors and Techy Questions
* Community (Social & Games rooms)

Each area can be reached with links on the Main BoneSmart Index Page. While you're still learning your way around BoneSmart, it's probably best to go to the Main Index Page when beginning a thread. No matter where you are on BoneSmart, you can always get to the Main Index Page by clicking on the "Forums" link in the blue tool bar at the top of the page.


You can also click on the "Forums" link in the breadcrumbs at the top left of pages when you are within a forum and you will be taken to the Main Index Page. ("Breadcrumbs" refers to the line that shows where you are as you move from higher level areas down into sub-forums within leaving a trail of breadcrumbs so you can get back "home" again. The breadcrumbs example below shows you are viewing the Help & Information forum posts which is one step down from the Main Index Page.)


BoneSmart's Main Index Page will look like this:

Select the forum where you want to start a thread from this index list, keeping in mind the administrative areas which are No Posting. In our example here, we've selected the Hip Surgery Pre-Op forum. When you click this link on the Main Index Page, you will be taken to the index page for the Hip Surgery Pre-Op Area.


Here you will see an orange button at the top right of the screen that says "Post Thread."
If you are on an index page and do not see an orange button, it means you are in a No Posting area. Go back to the main index page and be sure to click on one of the posting areas listed above.

When you click the "Post Thread" button, you'll be taken to a screen that allows you to begin your thread.


Enter a thread title that is short and to the point. Then start typing your comments in the box below the title area. Write in plain simple English without any text speak, obscure terms, acronyms or abbreviations that your readers might not understand (e.g. if u use txt spk, denormalisation, Di2, SCSI or RTFM (the LRM or i-Log Ref) it might not be altogether clear). See also Using the toolbar when making a post.

Use the "Preview" button to see how your post will look.

Be sure and click the "Post thread" button to publish your thread to the forum.

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