Revision TKR 3Timer Updates

Hi Everyone! It is the 2nd day after the 2nd surgery! I am home and settled! The pain is still topping in the 7 to 8/8.5 range but, is becoming more manageable. All went well thus far! I will check back soon!
Hang in there, bud! It will get better! It has to, after all you have been going thru!
Glad to hear things are beginning to settle down and improve. We’re here if you need us.

If your pain is consistently in that range, be sure you are taking something for that pain on a regular schedule through the day and night as well as icing as much as you can. Both should help with your pain.
Welcome to recovery! I hope your pain has eased up some since yesterday and you are resting comfortably now.
Best Wishes as you begin healing!
Well, had my first at home PT today! Following doctors orders to take things slow due to the dbl surgery trauma, I did okay! Thank the good Lord the nerve pain in the back of my knee is gone but, the actual act of trying to bend the knee is going to take some time! I will get there as I am motivated to get out to the beach sooner rather than later!
This is a good report for so early in your recovery from your April 26th surgery. Slow and easy is a good thing! I’m looking forward to reading your continued updates. You have an excellent start.
I hope pain is reducing and your mobility is improving.
Well, my recovery is up and down! Tomorrow is beginning week 5 and I am so unhappy! My progress was going so well then…I am also a chronic back pain patient (left side failed decompression surgery in2017). Anyway, suddenly my back has decided to be front and center in the pain scope! Having had 2 knee surgeries, my routine pain injections are off schedule! Last ones were Oct. last year! First appointment available is 6/26-23! My sciatic nerve stated hurting 3 days ago. I has severely limited any therapy for my knee and today I am bed ridden because weight is unbearable! Oxycodone works about average 1 1/2 out of 6 hours! My nerves are totally shot at this time! Any ideas!
If you’re not using ice for the pain, I suggest you start that as much as you can during the day and night. You can still do bending and stretching exercises lying down that will keep your knee joint mobile until your back pain improves. You also could ask your GP about using Gabapentin to combat the nerve pain.
Thank you, Jamie! I have an appointment with my back physician on June 1st. Praying for some relief!
Hi to all! Prayers that everyone is finding moments free of pain.
Just a quick catch up! My March 29th surgery ended with a shifting of my lower plate ( see attached).Had the revision 32 days later April 26! All went well! I am now 6 weeks post op and my knee recovery is on schedule! The problem I am having is with the nerves in back of the knee. I have now been put back on Hydrocodone 10/325 times 4 daily! This pain is constant at a 4/5 level! Once I get to 4 to 5 hrs the burning pain jumps to 7/9 pain level! I have been told everything is good with the implant. My pain management doctor who witnessed a full blown breakdown 3 weeks ago is who adjusted my pain meds (I am disabled from a low back injury and normally take 2/3 daily of 7.5-325), said that it appears that the sciatic nerve has been irradiated due to trauma. They said it could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before this pain resides! Y’all, this pain stops me in my tracks out of nowhere! Then the only way I can get any relief is to go back to bed and lie flat! I am so tired of being in pain!!

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Are you on Gabapentin or Lyrica for the nerve pain in addition to hydrocodone? If not, I suggest you discuss the possibility of one or the other with your pain management specialist. Lyrica as a faster response time (it can take weeks to build up enough Gabapentin to see results), so that may be the better choice if you can take it.
So sorry you're struggling with the pain you described. It sounds awful.
I hope this three month anniversary finds you in good spirits with diminished pain.
Please stay in touch and let us know how you're doing.
Wishing you comfort. :console2:

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