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  1. Susan209

    THR Susan209 - not new, but improved

    Awww. Thank you all. :roseshwr: I am glad that OS did take a very thorough look at the x-rays. He didn't just brush this off and he did have a good chat to us about it (I kinda lost it when I got my eyes on the x-ray report, so SO did come along). OS said I'm not showing any of the signs he'd...
  2. Susan209

    THR Susan209 - not new, but improved

    Hmm. Not sure about how to feel about this appointment. OS seemed happy, but did say the cup will need monitoring. Something about an area on the X-ray that could indicate the cup is not bonding to the bone. :( Back in 3 months for more X-rays and another check. He is encouraging as much...
  3. Susan209

    THR Susan209 - not new, but improved

    Oh, it's been too long... Just popped in and found all the flowers. Thank you! :) My quiet month (January) never happened, and I've just been flat out. But I guess busy is good. Better than bored, for sure. I've started back at the gym, just a little gentle cycling on the stationary bike. 15...
  4. Susan209

    THR Post Op LTHR:My new hip! :<

    Echoing the sentiments; glad the xray seems ok, but sorry that your OS seems to brush your concerns aside. *meh* Take care, and do have a glass of vino; see, it's Friday arvo here, so it's wine-o-clock... :cheers:
  5. Susan209

    Insurance blues...

    Not long now, @Poodles . Hope you have a restful night, then - bye bye hip pain.
  6. Susan209

    THR done

    Welcome to this side, @wireguy . Take it easy.
  7. Susan209

    THR Post Op LTHR:My new hip! :<

    Hey @danabanana , hope you are doing well. If it's any consolation, I've literally just started skipping nights with the ice pack now. Doing on night with, one night without. I've found the cold is starting to be unpleasant, even with the ice pack wrapped in a pillow case. :friends:
  8. Susan209

    THR Susan209 - not new, but improved

    Hello lovely @Layla . I don't think it's OA in the knee, as the pain is very different to what I had in my hip. I'm seeing the OS again mid Feb, so will definitely ask about the knee if it is still bothering me then.
  9. Susan209

    Shopping for a surgeon

    Yay. Excellent news @NewHipat32
  10. Susan209

    Medication change

    Hi @Sue31 can you go see a different doctor? And have you tried heat or ice? I lived with a heat pack stuck to my hip for three months leading up to my THR. As for the question about the meds as such, I really don't know. You have come to the right place to ask, though. All the best
  11. Susan209

    THR Susan209 - not new, but improved

    :flwrysmile:Sending you some of our sunshine. 40 C / 105 F here again today. :ice:
  12. Susan209

    Undergarment Assistance

    High cut, or I have pair I think that are called bikini cut (basically just the elastic at the side) were THE worst. They'd dig in and I'd swell up around them... Suggest getting a selection of inexpensive ones and ditching what doesn't work.
  13. Susan209

    Did you teach yourself to sleep on your back before surgery?

    I didn't practice sleeping on my back, as that was even more uncomfortable than sleeping on the good side. @AJinNH As for how many pillows under your legs, I used three. Took some help in the beginning to get my leg up onto my pillow mountain, but it does get better.
  14. Susan209

    THR Susan209 - not new, but improved

    Thank you @MyAussieGirl How are you doing these days?
  15. Susan209

    Undergarment Assistance

    I wore cotton sleep shorts at the hospital and only put on undies when I was sent home on day 5. For underwear, whatever you end up getting, buy them at least one size larger than normal. I had a selection, and found girl boyshorts the most comfortable; the wider the better. So, shorts great...


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