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  1. sheryl7

    Pain medications - help

    There I think I fixed it. Very difficult to see and type on phone for Makes for some interesting posts
  2. sheryl7

    Pain medications - help

    Ok now im really confused I thought I was replying in BJ Macs thread. Now I see mua.. I was glad her pkr finally recovered. But now it appears I have replied in the wrong thread. It's just one of those.days. I know nothing about muas well not under sefatio any my patelka slupping out hirribly...
  3. sheryl7

    Pain medications - help

    @Josephine no im on a smartphone and just majically after typing a pist my page disappears. Sorry guess I didntword that righr.. I know you had said how , to retrieve bur I still couldn't. So no. My posts are not being deleted. Sorr for confusi.
  4. sheryl7

    Pain medications - help

    Love the kitty @Josephine ...
  5. sheryl7

    Pain medications - help

    I hate my posts being erased...too long. Long story shory very happy for you.. Aftet long wait your finally there. Gla d your daughter is doing well in college.. Happy New year..
  6. sheryl7

    TKR kneeper's done!

    Hi kneeper..yes the severity of the knee is on the v eye of the beholder. Most importantly your eyes..since your the one bearing the brunt of the pain. Thing is its not my horse.. There are 8 horses of the and 6 dogs 4 of which are pitts. 2 of them animal aggressive and must be separated. To...
  7. sheryl7

    TKR kneeper's done!

    Kneeper.long time.. I dont get notifications like I used too via email. Im sorry to hear knee one stil this far out giving u probs... HOping with enough time and patience..issue will resolve with or witout ntervention. PReferably without. Hope this summer knee 2 behaves better.. Once finally...
  8. sheryl7

    TKR Turtle still hoping to cross the finish line

    Mary, any little bit of progress is a step (literally) in the right direction. It may not have been pretty, but you did it. I'm not on much these days. I usually just reply to threads I have communicated in as I get emails which prompt me to reply. I feel bad, cuz i like to encourage...
  9. sheryl7

    Gonna be long wait for me & others sagas as well - help??

    Well looks like for the time being as far as i know not going in hosp. Having bizarre out patient treatment EMDR. Prob go once a week starting Sept 13th. This week as well has not been a good one either. Had second to last upper molar pulled two weeks ago wed, still in pain. i couldn't afford a...
  10. sheryl7

    TKR kneeper's done!

    Hi Lisa. Sorry I haven't really kept up with your your thread. Been super busy. Too busy. Cant keep up with my own thread. But I received your update via email. Wanted to offer up support, and as Jackie said happy one year Mark. I can't testify for post op. But for pre op losing 100 pounds...
  11. sheryl7

    PKR Bj Mac's Recovery

    You must have been young typing, while I can Was posting. I am real sorry to hear about ankle. Adding insult to injury. Im am glad your daughter has found a good colleg. Tell u what everyone tells me. Try too remain positive. Take care....Sheryl
  12. sheryl7

    PKR Bj Mac's Recovery

    Hi bj remember me. Im sorry to hear your partial seems to have failed. I do hope.u find a good surgeon. Hang in there....Sheryl...:)
  13. sheryl7

    TKR Debbie1954

    Thanks Debbie for taking the time to come back and giving us who are either waiting for a tkr. Or those who are in middle of recovery, a report so gives up hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope someday I can come back and give a similar report. Take care, and continue to...
  14. sheryl7

    BTKR on Monday!

    Thank you Janis, Sorry about that hornplayer. Best wishes to u on Monday.
  15. sheryl7

    BTKR on Monday!

    Hi Janis welcome, yes you have found the best site to be on, they will you all the way to full recovery and then some. Prayers and thoughts are with you for Monday. I have a special appt Monday myself, will be thinking about you, smart getting both at same time. I think i will be doing good to...


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