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    Revision THR 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    I have done 7000 steps a day. Nothing hurt the next day.. Other days I have done less than 4000. Only we can be judges of how we heal and what not to do. My surgeon said no limits but "If it hurts don't do it". Anyone who has taken their first hard hike even when healthy knows second day...
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    THR acetabular cup problems

    Interview for the best surgeon first. Not the most convenient or the hospital This list I hope can stay. I have not researched any of the surgeons but note that many are with Hospital of Special Surgery in NYC. There is one at UConn Health in Farmington CT and one that is at my surgeons...
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    Hee hee First snow and I played on the slippery deck with dog : throwing snowballs etc He banged into me and I slid and: Nothing Hurt! So take heart those of you in the early days it really gets good Speaking of recipes I mamaged to leap out of a chair and run as my chicken fat rendering started...
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    Baffling commitment to fancy meals. Husband likes my cooking and he tends toward depression. He works in the workshop during the day, and is on the computer too much ( aren't we all) This is not good for depressive people. So we get out and do things together like hike and swim. We are also...
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    THR VSlowLife's Pre-op Questions

    Sure.. We are here to offer alternatives not dictums. Keep all the doors open as you haven't had surgery yet and you may have surprises in your future.
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    Well my recovery is pretty boring so maybe it is time to move on. After all that is what we all want and hope to get. I can drop in on the social room I do perk at others recoveries Peek! Hope everyone eventually gets perky!
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    THR VSlowLife's Pre-op Questions

    Swiffer used as a hockey stick. It works fine on hardwood. Otherwise I don't mind at all getting down and up. After all if we don't use it at our age we lose it. I do practice gettings up every day.. For a long time I didn't and now regret that. Right after surgery of course you won't want to...
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    THR Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    I had weekly calls from my primary care doc. Even though not involved in the surgery per se, computer communication means all your docs know about all your other docs and you. The calls got a bit tiring. I had no complaints but the calls were weekly. I remember the last one at four weeks. "...
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    It is a nice day. Craft fairs are packed and hot and we have to run outside! Its currently 28 degrees and bright sun. Actually nice enough to shed the jacket and just wear long sleeves. We had our first taste of snow but it barely counted. Another serving coming Tuesday.
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    THR Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    Keep up with your meds For me I drank a gallon of water a day And some stool softener There is a tea called Smooth Move for me it worked too well
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    Craft fair mania No hiking today The woods are populated with deer hunters and my dog looks like a deer Even with all of us wearing orange!
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    THR Here We Go Again!

    O Golly @Fiona444 and @Barbaraj if we stopped moving we would fossilize in place! I am aching a little too after an hour of bike and an hour of swim yesterday but dragging my hubby to walk around a craft fair ought to take those aches away. Tis the season!
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    When I said that folks sometimes have a hard time changing course , Bonesmart is an example of that. Its mere existence is due to the fact that some join because their recovery is not going as predicted and they want to be good patients at PT even if the PT is awful. You can read from their...
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    @ceezee I agree that the rosemary brined pork chops were too salty. But I thought it was my fault as I brined for 48 hours. too long. Have to fiddle with that one . The flavor was otherwise wonderful. My part of Thanksgiving is pie and meat We all hate turkey. Duck and chicken on the menu...
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    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    For some the journey of finding what works is full of lumps and bumps. And it can be hard to alter a course that is not working for you! But for those new in recovery if one approach is not working for you there are many others! Frankly I have not thought about my hip in a week.. I am sore...


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