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    THR Can't sleep on side 2 years post op

    I had the same problem. I started seeing a chiropractor who helped. Massage the scar left & right is what he told me to do. My PT said the same thing. I also was diagnosed with bursitis and was given a steroid anti-inflammatory to take for a week along with increased physical therapy from 2 to 3...
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    THR Dogchick's Hippy Recovery Adventure

    Sounds like your struggling and could really use a day off. Can you use a half day of vacation time to make calls to Drs.? Groupon has,great deals today for massage therapist. I found my chiropractor using one that came with pain consultation. I've only had 3_sessions and feels so much better...
  3. Lski

    THR New hip amidst fire evacuations!<

    Yes I do find most people think I’m too young for a hip replacement. I too have always appeared younger than my true age, so I’m sort of used to this reaction with everything I’ve done. At 27 I was too young to be married with a newborn, was told I was mature for my age since I was age 10. After...
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    THR Discouraged

    I hope you find answers soon. Maybe seeing a chiropractor would help. I found a Groupon for a massage that included a pain consultation with the chiropractor. He found that my pelvis isn’t aligned properly and is helping with some treatments for my hip and leg muscles to “ wake up”. I’ve only...
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    THR New hip amidst fire evacuations!<

    My goodness you have been through so much in the past few weeks. At 2 weeks out I was at my low and have had struggles of my own. This journey is a challenge. Being a new mom is a big adjustment, I can only imagine trying to care for a baby while recovering from hip surgery. Thankfully you have...
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    THR July Hip Replacement - When will I ski again?<

    Today is 4 months with my new hip. Have been working 4 hour days, going to therapy 3 days a week and saw a chiropractor this week. It was a Groupon deal for a pain evaluation with a massage. I bought it for the relaxing massage. The pain evaluation revealed that my pelvis is out of alignment...
  7. Lski

    THR Squeaks: "houston we have a problem"

    Stay positive, hopefully you will get a call.from your dr. this week with a plan and new surgery date.
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    THR My hip hip hooray journey<

    So sorry to hear about your setback. Definitely give PT a try, even if just for the therapist to stretch your muscles and massage them.Water therapy is also an option to inquire about. I have done well with it. Good luck!
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    THR July Hip Replacement - When will I ski again?<

    Well I made it through the weekend and most of this week. Dissolving this marriage is going to be a challenge. The housing market has gone down since we purchased our home in 2012, so selling now would result in a huge loss. I've researched some other options that will make it affordable to stay...
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    Hip Infection Excellent recovery until it wasn't

    Welcome! Sounds similar to my recent set back. I have bursitis and tendonitis. Remedy is a steroid anti-inflammatory along with PT. The therapy and this medicine is helping. My therapist stretches my muscles so they are not so tight & stiff which reduced the pain and increased my range of...
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    THR 7+ months

    Welcome! The revovery is a unique journey for each individual. Sorry you are struggling with numerous concerns. I would call my OS for confirmation you are on the right path and just need time. Therapy might help, as it is helping me. Wish you the best.
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    THR July Hip Replacement - When will I ski again?<

    Thank you both (@Lmflora & @An54) Stretching is helping. I am still sore this morning but better with increased range of motion. I can bend my knee to my chest and reach my foot and also swing it to the right, which I was not able to do 24 hours ago. Progress!!!!
  13. Lski

    THR July Hip Replacement - When will I ski again?<

    Halloween was not the best day for my family. My husband's long term sub assignment ended early. He was very upset and took it out on me. He was out of control and verbally abusive. We've decided to divorce. So many times before he has said he'd leave but never followed through. This time I...
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    THR July Hip Replacement - When will I ski again?<

    Update: it’s been a difficult week for me emotionally. I’m not feeling 100% or anywhere near it. I’m tired of being in recovery. The bursitis & tendinitis doesn’t seem to be getting better. I cancelled a PT appointment yesterday because I just didn’t have the energy at 4:00 pm so will not...
  15. Lski

    THR 36 yo in recovery

    Welcome get rest


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