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    TKR Post Op Incision Care

    It's hard to believe it's been 3 months since I've posted! Covid has made life a little off kilter, but I am doing well-and I don't want to jinx myself by saying that. But when the Corona virus first reared it's ugly head I was really struggling with an injury sustained in Feb 2020 due to an...
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    TKR Post Op Incision Care

    It's been a few weeks since I've posted. I am 18 weeks post LTKR and have been doing okay. I have been in the house since 3/12 and just recently started going out for curbside pickup for pet supplies and am going to try that for groceries later this week. My knee still feels like I'm suffering...
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    TKR And Now My LTKR Recovery Begins

    I'm really happy to hear you're doing so well!
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    TKR And Now My LTKR Recovery Begins

    Hey @Deniseb ! How are things going for you?
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    TKR Tight Band persists at Week 24

    Hi-I was wondering if you were still using the CBD roll?
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    TKR Feel so alone

    Hey Flash 1955 - I'm glad you were able to find out the cause of your swelling. Rest, ice and elevation are key for you right now. Take care.
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    TKR Post Op Incision Care

    Thank you Jockette! I think my ROM should still be good. It's the pain that gets old! I feel 100% and then the pain reminds me 'oh yeah, there's that.' Today seems like the first down day I've had in awhile. I haven't elevated in awhile and I am now, and it really helps.
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    TKR Post Op Incision Care

    I'm feeling sad and upset and not sure what to think. Some of my feelings I'm sure are related to the Corona virus. The other part is not fully understanding what is going on with my knee. After formally being diagnosed about a month ago with an injury sustained during PT on 2/6 and resting for...
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    Bilateral PKR A hiker's new knees

    Sorry for the delay in responding back. I'll have to check out Costco. But I've heard that place has been nuts because of the Corona virus.
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    TKR 10 day

    Hi there @valgriff2 . It sounds like you're coming along nicely! :loveshwr:
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    TKR My Tkr took a turn for the worse..

    Oh gosh, I am so sorry you experienced an over zealous physical therapist. I had a similar experience and it wasn't pleasant. Follow Celle's suggestions by calling your surgeon and no more PT. Your job now is to ice and elevate as much as possible. I would make sure there is a cloth barrier...
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    Knee Infection* My L T K R Diary 2020

    Thanks @Jamie. Defender you probably think I'm a kooky American!
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    Knee Infection* My L T K R Diary 2020

    Maybe you should contact your orthopedic Dr?
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    Knee Infection* My L T K R Diary 2020

    Oh Defender-I'm so sorry you're dealing with such swelling. Are you bruised or are you inflamed? Keeping positive thoughts for you!


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