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  1. hippychic

    THR 3days post op - Hats off to you guys

    Hi fellow hippies, Firstly am gonna apologise for all the emojis think i may have gone over the top....but i luv them......:loll: Just a little update from me as am now 20 days post op, after a wobbly start and lots of ups and downs, getting a refill on pain meds and getting pain under control...
  2. hippychic

    THR Linette333 is in recovery<

    :welome: Glad to hear all went well and wishing you a smooth and steady recovery, :flwrysmile: be kind to yourself and take it easy.....definitely ask for the anti sickness and pain medication if you feel you need it, you know your body best.........:)
  3. hippychic

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Congratulations, cornishgal , here's to a steady and smooth recovery..... Take it easy and be kind to yourself especially in the first 10 to 12 days....:flwrysmile:
  4. hippychic

    THR Cocoon to moth

    Good to hear you're home cecropia and on the road to recovery..... Be kind to yourself and go at your own pace.:flwrysmile:
  5. hippychic

    THR Just back, all done

    Congratulations.......hope your recovery continues smoothly.....:) :-) (:
  6. hippychic

    THR 3days post op - Hats off to you guys

    Hi all , hope this finds you well and having a positive day :flwrysmile: Just a quick check in, am 8 days post op now and altho its been a tough few days, a big difference from my 1st post, have gone from what the hell i have i done, not really being with it to feeling more manageable. Am...
  7. hippychic

    THR 3days post op - Hats off to you guys

    Thanks for words of encouragement , feel abit more comfortable tonite being in control of own pain management (and not hallucinating) Have iced and using silky pillow case with abit of assistance to get in and out of bed making it much easier :sleep: CPH can't believe you are out next day after...
  8. hippychic

    THR 3days post op - Hats off to you guys

    Hi.....back home this afternoon, sorry am feeling sorry for myself.......had rough time with pain med management and sickness, low blood pressure, feel was left too long in chair first day (8-4) with only toilet & short walk to break it up, but was feeling totally out of it on drugs and dozing...
  9. hippychic

    Pending THR in April (UK)

    Hi :loll:yes and thanks, just trying to stay calm and finish last couple things feeling a bit hormonal and emotional at the moment and would you believe have got up this morning after a painful night and my hip isnt as painful as has been over last month, its...
  10. hippychic

    Pending THR in April (UK)

    Hi mojo33 and Elf1, thanks for your messages, sorry missed them and only just seen when i posted my update, hope all well with you both.x
  11. hippychic

    Pending THR in April (UK)

    Update;- I was all set to go but unfortunately my op was cancelled due to emergency, am now rescheduled for 21st May and starting to feel very anxious again.....even tho the daily pain has increased over last month and am now limping, still finding difficult to come to terms with,,,,,,,:sad...
  12. hippychic

    2019 April Rainbows - Are you having hip surgery in April?

    Hi all, am still reeling abit from the THR diagnosis as was not expecting it.........have surgery pencilled in for 26th April... Have left a thread in the pre op forum Left THR Hippy
  13. hippychic

    Pending THR in April (UK)

    lol thanks mojo333, just trying to work out an exit plan to make that bucket list dream a reality and flip flops are always faithful regardless of our changing shapes and sizes.......:martini: x
  14. hippychic

    Pending THR in April (UK)

    Hi Carriemay60 Thanks for the advice and yes thank you, I have started to make a list as there wasn't really that much discussed at my 1st consultation other than need a THR, not sure about the anaesthetist as dont think i meet them til day of the op........ hippy.x
  15. hippychic

    Pending THR in April (UK)

    Hi Mojo333 and Jacey, thanks for accepting me in the group and your replies. I guess like most things before my diagnosis 2 weeks ago I never knew or gave THR a thought as not really come into me finding this site yesterday has really given me some great information/background and...

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