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  1. grandma chris

    TKR Feel so alone

    Hi Flash, I've just caught up with your recovery thread. Sounds like you're having a very normal recovery. I had my knee replaced in November 2018 and I just wanted to share my experience with you. I was quite worried that I wasn't doing enough physio or exercise but I've been an avid member of...
  2. grandma chris

    TKR Grandma Chris gets a new knee!

    One year ago today I had my right knee replaced. To say that I'm happy with the outcome is a gross understatement! The advice I got here on Bonesmart was so on point. I have never had my bend measured but this summer my neighbour - who is a retired physiotherapist - eyeballed me at between 125...
  3. grandma chris

    Revision TKR Jo's revision arthroplasty

    Josephine so happy to hear your surgery was a success!
  4. grandma chris

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    So glad you're doing great! It's a whole new life isn't it?
  5. grandma chris

    Revision TKR Post good wishes for Jo's knee revision here!

    Josephine you help so many of us with your wise and kind advice. I know you've helped me enormously with a hip replacement in 2014, and a knee replacement last November. I owe you a great debt of gratitude. I'm sending my very best wishes for a successful revision and a rapid and painless recovery.
  6. grandma chris

    TKR No Kneecaps and a TKR<

    I haven't been on the boards for a long time and this is the first thread I've sort of caught up with. I'm so sorry about your fall and that you're having trouble @sistersinhim. I hope it all gets sorted.
  7. grandma chris

    TKR Greatday6's recovery thread<

    @Greatday6 you're actually doing quite well for six weeks. One of the Advisors will be along shortly to give you all kinds of reading - do read them, they are amazingly helpful. I had a right knee replacement six months ago and I followed the Bonesmart method of recovery. I had an excellent...
  8. grandma chris

    TKR Grandma Chris gets a new knee!

    My six month anniversary came and went unnoticed by me! Over on the hip side Josephine talks about the 'forgotten' hip . I don't think we get to a forgotten knee but I'm pretty darn close. I said much earlier on that I didn't have a numb spot. I was mistaken, of course. It just felt weird, not...
  9. grandma chris

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    @traceys I checked in today too and how lovely to read your report. Glad you're doing well and here's hoping your knee will continue to improve.
  10. grandma chris

    TKR Grandma Chris gets a new knee!

    Today is my five month anniversary. I have to say that I think I've had an excellent recovery. I will have to re-read my thread to remind myself of pain! We are home after our big trip (planning our next one, haha!), and recovered from all jet lag. My knee is doing fabulously well. No pain at...
  11. grandma chris

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    Tracey I'm so very happy for you! My similar success came a little earlier in recovery than yours, but I can tell you that once those things started happening for me - the stairs, the bath, all of it - it just kept getting better and better. I sincerely hope that happens for you!
  12. grandma chris

    TKR Grandma Chris gets a new knee!

    Well after four weeks in paradise we leave today for London. I can't begin to tell you how good this has been for my knee! When I arrived I still needed to ice and elevate quite a lot. My knee would swell at the slightest stress. I don't remember when I last iced! My knee still swells if I...
  13. grandma chris

    PKR My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    That's great news! No end in sight to the recovery!
  14. grandma chris

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    Good to hear from you Tracey! Sounds like you are improving albeit very slowly. I hope your home stressors resolve soon and that your course goes well.
  15. grandma chris

    TKR Grandma Chris gets a new knee!

    So my four month anniversary passed and I didn't even realize! We're still in Gran Canaria and I continue to progress. Walking to town becomes a little easier every time. Still have not done the coastal walk back from Amadores, maybe this week. My knee swells and goes back down. My bend...

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