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    TKR Benne68 in recovery

    Hi @benne68 I agree, a whole different animal !!! Far less pain with the THR but I found the restrictions very hard and very anxiety provoking!! To be able to do what you want and being limited by pain and not the constant fear of dislocation is easier mentally I have found, but the pain of a...
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    TKR Benne68 in recovery

    Hi @benne68 I did just the same and documented my first tkr. It really did help this time around. The pain was nowhere near as bad because I knew what to expect. I was relaxed about PT as I knew what I would and would not tolerate and i found the whole process so much easier mentally which...
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    TKR One week post-op TKA

    Hi @twosit - hope you have got your meds and are keeping ahead of the pain. It is really important to take them by the clock and not wait until you are in pain. I agree that ice and elevation are vital. Do as little as possible at this stage and be kind to yourself whilst you get through...
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    TKR Benne68 in recovery

    Hi Benne68 i have ditched my walking stick indoors but I always take it on dogwalks in case the terrain gets rough or slippy and i use it in the super market too. It is also a valuable visual aid to encourage others to give you a bit more space.
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    TKR Back again in 2021 ☺

    Hi @benne68 I tried a 10 mile round-trip yesterday and it was fine. I still get some knee pain at times but driving felt ok and my knee felt very stable. Try just a couple of miles and see how you feel. Let me know how you get on.☺
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    TKR Back again in 2021 ☺

    Thanks @hawk2go and @Susie-Q and all reading this!! Appointment with OP went very well. Flexion he estimates 130 and extension +1. We were both pleased. He reminded me to continue with some extension exercises but to go ahead and live life!! Both knees have the same kit and both look...
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    TKR Nearly 4 weeks post op TKR

    Hi @Millie Llanelli i do hope you are feeling a big better today? We are only a few days apart with our TKR - whereabouts in the UK did you have your op?
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    TKR Back again in 2021 ☺

    Due to go see my OP on Friday. All has been going well and i have been off all pain meds for a while. However tonight my knee is doing shooting pains, has gone quite red and is quite hot. It always is hotter than the other one, but I haven't had pain for a good few weeks, especially when I am...
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    TKR Very challenging Left TKR

    @CapnRic so glad to read that you have got your pain sorted ☺. Onwards and upwards but take it steady.
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    TKR Back again in 2021 ☺

    Things still going well but I definitely gave more swelling with this knee - it never goes completely. Am seeing my OS next Friday so will see what he says. Hopefully I will be given the ok to drive. I expect the swelling will go in time and am looking forward to no longer having to wear these...
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    TKR Back again in 2021 ☺

    I must measure how far i walk, will see if there is can app for it! Have started very gentle scar massage today as all scabs have now gone but need to buy a new bottle of bio-oil. Spent 2 hours last night looking at a 6th firm college with my daughter. Lots of walking, standing and stairs. Knee...
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    TKR Back again in 2021 ☺

    Hi @hawk2go How is your walking going??
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    TKR Sunnyleigh's Recovery Thread.

    Thats great - you are doing well! It is such a relief when the staples are gone!!Slow snd steady for the next few weeks ☺
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    TKR Hawkie's 2nd Knee

    Hello @hawk2go yes, it is definitely about the length of time your knee is in the same position. I set the cooker timer for 30 minutes and when it goes off I take a short walk and then come back to a different position - i can get quite a lot done that way. Every 2 hours i take a 30min break...
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    TKR DogTiredKnees Recovery Thread

    That is exactly where i got my knee pain at night. Rest assured that it does go - but it takes time and cannot be rushed!! Although my pain is very much better now i still have issues with swelling - it is this knee's real weak point. Sounds like you are doing really well, hang on in there


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