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    TKR Horrific pain

    @Laurierocs, At 4 weeks out, I was still seriously limited to what I could do without aggravating the pain and stiffness. With where you are now, I suggest not even thinking of starting to "push" things for at least another 2 weeks, then "push gently". During that time, keep things moving with...
  2. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    @Hoppy Nanny, no guessing required; LOTS of patience required. But it’s eventually well worth it.
  3. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    Hi @ApricotPie. At 4 weeks you are probably still struggling with several things. The first 4 weeks of my second one was was quite scary. Having already been through the process once, I thought I knew pretty well what to expect. But the first 4 weeks were VERY different from the first time. I...
  4. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    Hi all. Sorry I’m way behind on my reading and posting. I have taken on a project with a massive amount of paperwork up front, with a brick-wall deadline. I will be traveling to Los Angeles soon. Should be interesting. OK, 8 1/2 weeks, beyond miserable and settled into the endurance phase of...
  5. Denny39

    TKR TrueNorth’s new knee!

    I have resumed working in my home office, which is what has me drowning in paperwork right now. I also have to be very careful about sitting too long. I’m walking pretty good on level ground now, but I don’t have a lot of stamina. Actually, I just had to buy a new cane yesterday because I...
  6. Denny39

    TKR TrueNorth’s new knee!

    @TrueNorth I just read your 7 week update and your 8 week update. I am a bit behind on a few things, like keeping up with the forum because I have taken on a project which requires up-front MASSIVE amounts of my least favorite thing to do - - - paperwork. All I see when I close my eyes is Excel...
  7. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    @Didot I know you are not really looking forward to that. Mine was June 17, and in the week leading up to it I thought of quite a few “Really good” reasons to postpone it. But as you said, I “bit the bullet”, walked up tp the admissions desk, signed on the dotted line (right below where it says...
  8. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    @Lindylee My other knee is holding up quite well in general. I'm glad I waited long enough for it to by my "good" knee for the second surgery. However, it also still decides from time to time to moan and groan and let me know it still needs a bit of TLC now and then. It very well may have...
  9. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    7 weeks today, half-way through miserable. And miserable it is, but surprisingly (and thankfully) less and different than last time. The worst part now is that I’m still not sleeping. My knee is still a long way from recovered, but I am pleasantly surprised at it’s overall progress. I have to...
  10. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    @Didot, Yes, it does help. But although you know in general what to expect, it will not be a carbon copy. It won't be a bit more enjoyable or pleasant than the first one, but having been through it once, you will not tend to be as concerned about things you didn't expect, or have any idea would...
  11. Denny39

    TKR TrueNorth’s new knee!

    Love the concept of “lime therapy”. My PT group overlooked that one.:heehee:
  12. Denny39

    TKR Glosnana's Recovery

    I understand. I wish you the best as you move forward at a pace that works for you. The time will come when its all behind you, and that will be a great day!
  13. Denny39

    TKR Should I still be taking meds 12 weeks after knee surgery

    @Glosnana, I wound up with a situation similar to yours. I waited about 7 years after I was first told it was “most likely” in my future. When I finally gave in (as described in my first post), both knees were bone-on-bone. I originally scheduled the Right knee first because I thought it was the...
  14. Denny39

    TKR Strange New World

    @snowdrop Yup! Hang in there - It WILL get better. Two day penalty for 15 minutes of impatience; that ratio sounds about right. Well worth keeping in mind:whistle:.
  15. Denny39

    TKR TrueNorth’s new knee!

    @TrueNorth As I said before, our nights are almost carbon copies, so is our 5 week check-up. I could have almost copied and pasted yours. The only difference is that I have more flexion, 117 at discharge from home PT. But don’t worry about that, there could be many reasons. My surgeon did say I...


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