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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    Thank you, I hope I can follow your lead
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am also at the hospital every week, because of ear and skin infections that won’t go away. These began after I left hospital. The drs think my resistance is so low I can’t fight infection at the moment. I want to get back to work, but it would be...
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    9 weeks and 4 days post op. My recovery has been going mostly well. I have had 5 procedures not including the TKR on my right knee. My recovery won’t be as quick or as smooth as some. Today I woke in pain and have been virtually unable to walk the length of my living room. I’m doing the PT and...
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    TKR New user -cannot get my leg to straighten

    As the people have said 4 weeks is early days. I am 9 weeks post op tomorrow and finally seeing that my leg is much straighter than it has been. I allowed the PT to push me to start with. I stopped that because it was hurting me. Really listen to your body. The inside of your knee and leg have...
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    I could do that and call it a day. The thing is my left leg has serious neuropathy and so my balance is a bit dodgy. I intend to tell her next time not to poke and prod my knee because it is irritating the healing tissues.
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    Bilateral TKR Bilateral knee surgery 3+weeks out

    You have my utmost respect. The very thought of both knees done at the same time makes me want to run for the hills (if I could run). All the best to you for your recovery.
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    At the PT again this morning and again in moderate pain. I’m fed up with feeling like this. Every session seems to make me unhappy and uncomfortable and truth be told, I don’t feel any major benefit from it. Next week will be 8 Weeks. sorry to be so miserable
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    Thank you, I have to remember that I’m doing ok in my recovery. My PT told me that I’m actually only 7 weeks post op and not 8 as I have been thinking. I also have had 6 prior operations and procedures on the TKR leg and not to expect the same rate of recovery that others with just the TKR have...
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    TKR Booger's Left Knee

    I think it looks a bit infected because of the redness around it. I’d phone the department where you had the operation and tell them, send a photo. I did that when my internal stitches come to the surface and I got an infection. Better not to leave it.
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    TKR DogTiredKnees Recovery Thread

    This happened to me an internal stitch migrated upwards. I would get it checked out because mine became infected and had to be removed. Go and check incase. Good luck
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    I keep thinking the same about walking. I have been told to put a rolled up bath towel under my heel and let the back of the knee hang. I have to massage the bend in my knee quite hard and I don’t like that either. I tried it this morning for less than a minute and stopped. I’m 7 weeks post op...
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    Thank you, I think considering the dreadful pain I was in the first 2/3 weeks, I’m just so happy for it to be just an annoying ache and odd twinges that are not pleasant. I’m doing exercises to help my extensions and they do hurt a bit
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    TKR Booger's Left Knee

    Booger, Your knee looks ok. Nice neat scar too.
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    TKR Cocopug Recovery Journey

    Thank you, all the best to you. I’m sure I’ll have not so good days, but a day at a time
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    TKR 4 Weeks out RTKR

    Amazing recovery, good for you.


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