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Recent content by brookeo

  1. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Happy Monday! Just popping in to give an update. I am 10 weeks PO today! Overall I am feeling great. Each week gets better and I am to the point where I rarely notice my hips at all. I started Pilates last week - reformer classes. Absolutely love them. They are perfect for my personal...
  2. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Hey all - I am officially 6 weeks post op! It’s amazing how fast time flies once you are feeling good :) I’ve been back to work for a couple of weeks now (PT) and things are going well! Overall I feel great! I have many times where I forget I had surgery. And then other times I still have some...
  3. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    @jenTjenT I have a large jacuzzi tub so sit and then swing both legs around :)
  4. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Had my first post op appointment today at exactly 4 weeks PO. Everything looks great. Surgeon was very happy with my progress! I was given some new at home PT exercises to do. I am cleared to take a bath! No restrictions except no “really deep stretching”. Also said it takes 3 months for the...
  5. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Made it through my first week back to work part time. I worked from the comfort of my home which was nice. Follow up with PA on Monday. Hoping I will get the okay to take a bath? Not sure when that happens but it’s freezing here in Omaha, NE and that’s all I want to do. And I will find out...
  6. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    @Jaycey i should clarify - I work part time :) so I will only be working 3 days per week.
  7. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Three weeks out! Things are going well! I still have some thigh pain around my incisions and will get stiff/achy if I overdo it. But overall I am happy. I have started to do the stage 2 at home PT exercises and so far so good. I am also starting back to work this week - working from home. I have...
  8. brookeo

    Bilateral THR New hips on November 26

    Yay! Congrats on your new hips! I had my double on 11/11 so I was right where you are a couple of weeks back! The first week was rough for me but everyone is different! I am 3 weeks out tomorrow and feel great! Hang in there, stay on top of the pain and before you know it you will be on the...
  9. brookeo

    Bilateral THR Bilateral hip replacement, anterior

    I had both done 11/11/19. I am doing great! One surgery and one recovery.
  10. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Tomorrow marks two weeks since surgery! Not going to lie - it felt like two months! But things have gotten remarkably better within the last week. So much so I don’t want to jinx anything! Spent yesterday going to get our Christmas Tree and helping decorate the house for the Holidays. Husband...
  11. brookeo

    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Hang in there! It will get better. If it makes you feel any better I peed all over my pants in the hospital too. :heehee:
  12. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Transitioned to the cane around the house. Just managed to fold and put away a load of laundry. Also got off my pain meds - just Tylenol so far today and doing fine so far. Little emotional - starting to get some cabin fever. Trying to remind myself I am only 8 days out. I think I’ll ask my...
  13. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    It’s been a weekend of ups and downs. Definitely had some pain return - had to get back on a strict pain med schedule again. Also had a couple of “zings” when I got overly confident. Been icing and elevating a lot. how long was everyone on pain medication besides like Tylenol? Should I just get...
  14. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    Home safe and sound. It was nice getting out for an hour.
  15. brookeo

    Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

    You guys are all very sweet! It’s just close family and about a 2 mile drive. I’ll be well taken care of ;)

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