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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Thank you x have been doing a bit from home for a couple of weeks. Yesterday was first day back in the office. I'll try and take it easier :)
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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Hi Been a while since I posted. Am now back at work part time on a phased return. Will need to be back fulltime by 3rd Feb as my assistant has booked leave for that week. My hip is really stiff so was hoping someone could advise me on what exercises I could do to help. Thanks in advance Ann
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    THR Spinal block or general anaesthetic?

    Hi I had spinal and sedation. Didnt hear or feel a thing. Would definitely recommend it Xx
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    No hip clinic

    Hi I'm not sure how this has happened as surely they need to do pre-op and things before your surgery. I attended a session with OT but it was mainly about precautions and the process. As long as you make sure everything is at your safe height it should be okay. All my equipment was delivered...
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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Wow !! Yes was 3 weeks yesterday. I cant believe how good I feel especially after how awful I felt those first few days. Totally worth it !! Went for a walk vote. I'm really grateful for everybody's support so far. Things are looking up !
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    Walker...what kind?

    I got mine on Ebay...practically brand new..£5 !!
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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Hi x Ted's only teeny and I have a super king size bed so even if they both sleep with me.. sadly Stanley (6) wants to be in his top bunk... theres no chance xx
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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Hi guys Well Sunday and Monday were a washout ...didnt get to go out and un fact yesterday I spent most of the day in bed. Today my cleaner has been so the house is lovely and clean. My son and daughter in law took me to my grandsons swimming lessons which was awesome and then we went for...
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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Morning, (it's nearly 5am here) I'm sleeping well and feeling great ....apart from being bored stiff. My boss is coming to see me when I've been off for 4 weeks so I'm going to ask him to bring a laptop and mobile phone with him to see if I can do some work from home. I'm planning on being back...
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    THR nerves are kicking in

    Hi & welcome I was sooo nervous before my op but I am so glad I had it done. My first few days were grim but I'm now taking things easy and it's so much better. I am taking the least amount of painkillers for about 4 years. My issue now is boredom so line up some good books/ films and tv series...
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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Hi guys Well I had another amazing sleep last night so feel great today. I was a bit stiff at first as I probably wasn't moving around very much. I think I've cracked this side sleeping so that helps. I put 2 pillows between my legs and off I go...perfect. I'm going to do very little today...
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    THR Anniec19's New Hip Story

    Thanks Layla x I did get a few hours in short spurts...nothing like the 8 hours from last week. Have done nothing today except laze about. Currently on the sofa watching Ad Astra waiting for my ice packs to freeze again Where have those 2 weeks gone, it has flown by. I cant believe how much...
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    THR Master1959's Recovery Thread

    How are you getting on ? Ann

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