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Unique to Smith & Nephew, VERILAST™ Technology was created to address two of the most common concerns facing total hip and knee implants; metal allergy and implant wear.

Verilast Hip by Smith & Nephew

VERILAST™ Hip Component Ball & Cup

Could you have an allergic reaction to your new implant? Allergic reactions aren’t only reserved for food, medication or airborne particles. Many people have similar sensitivities to the metal in everyday items like jewelry, watches and buttons. Two metals most commonly associated with this type of sensitivity are nickel and chromium – both of which are present in cobalt chrome, the metal alloy used in most hip and knee implants. Click below to learn how VERILAST™ Technology addresses this issue.

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verilast knee smith nephew

VERILAST™ Knee Replacement Implant

How long do you want your new implant to last? Just like the surfaces of your natural joint, artificial implants can wear down over time. This type of implant wear is a leading cause of hip and knee replacement failure. VERILAST Technology addresses implant wear by using a one-of-a-kind combination of advanced wear-reducing materials.

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VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Technology

visionaire knee instruments

VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Knee Replacement Instruments

Every patient is unique. Our VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Technology uses your own x-ray and MRI data to build the instruments customized to fit your specific knee.

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BIRMINGHAM HIP™ Resurfacing (BHR™)

birmingham hip resurfacing by smith & nephew

BIRMINGHAM HIP™ Resurfacing Implant

BIRMINGHAM HIP™ Resurfacing is a bone-conserving approach for active patients suffering from hip pain. Rather than replacing the entire hip joint, as in a total hip replacement, hip resurfacing simply shaves and caps a few centimeters of bone within the joint.

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