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MicroPort acquires OrthoRecon Business from Wright Medical Technologies

In June 2013, MicroPort Scientific Corporation entered into a definitive agreement under which MicroPort acquired Wright Medical Technologies OrthoRecon Business, which includes Wright’s large joint orthopedic devices for the hip and knee. MicroPort Orthopedics, headquartered in Arlington, TN, is a global medical device company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and related services. More…

About MicroPort

At MicroPort, we realize that facing the prospect of orthopedic surgery can be daunting. You may be concerned about how long it will take to recover from surgery or even if the pain will go away. The encouraging news is that our orthopedic innovation provides hope every day for patients just like you.

Through decades of innovation, MicroPort offers a variety of solutions to physicians so that they can provide the best treatment for you. Whether you are experiencing hip or knee pain, physicians can use our state of the art implants to help patients take back their active lifestyle. This page explains our unique products so that you will be best informed to discuss your treatment with your physician.

Hip Systems

SUPERPATH® hip replacement

SUPERPATH® Hip Replacement

When surgery is needed, physicians have a variety of ways to implant the medical device. Our SUPERPATH® technique is a tissue sparing procedure which aims to get patients back on their feet within days or possibly even hours after surgery. This is in comparison to other techniques which could require weeks or months of recovery. In fact, a number of patients who have undergone hip surgery using the SUPERPATH® technique were able to walk unassisted the day after surgery.

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Beyond the surgical technique, MicroPort offers a set of implant designs that allow your physician to have the versatility they need to address your hip pain.

Knee Systems

MicroPort EVOLUTION Knee

EVOLUTION® Knee System

The goal of any total knee implant system is to provide the patient with a long lasting solution that addresses their knee pain. However some solutions take care of a patient’s knee pain without restoring their normal motion of the knee. Our Medial-Pivot Knee Systems are designed to provide normal knee movement including bending, rotating, and twisting with a high degree of stability and range of motion. With two generations of Medial-Pivot Knee Systems, physicians will have the confidence to provide a long lasting solution just for you.

At MicroPort, we are proud of the unique, patented designs that are made in our high tech manufacturing plant in the United States. Our physicians are empowered to implant our products through patient friendly surgical techniques that have been shown to get you back on your feet faster.