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Learn more about CeramTec at ceramtec.comSurgeons all over the world put their faith in our pink-coloured BIOLOX®delta ceramics. The very colour gives surgeons the certainty that they’re using implants of the highest quality and reliability for their patients – from CeramTec. BIOLOX®delta is the ceramic with 10 years of successful clinical experience – with more than four million implanted components.

Our high performance ceramics set the standard against which all other articulating surfaces in joint replacement must be compared. For more than 40 years in the field of bioceramics we have been at the forefront of research, development and manufacturing. More than 10 million BIOLOX® implants have been implanted and millions of patients worldwide testify to the success of our ceramic products in clinical use. More about CeramTec >>

Quality for a better quality of life

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Quality for a better quality of life

The BIOLOX®delta ceramic material is a high-performance ceramic that meets the increased demands regarding durability of the implants in active patients. The purest raw materials and a manufacturing process that has been refined over decades offers excellent bio-compatibility, low wear, high hardness and excellent mechanical performance.

Ceramic materials are entirely biologically inert and exhibit unmatched bio-compatibility which also makes them an appropriate choice for allergic patients. The result is a high-performance prosthesis enabling patients to enjoy life again. More about BIOLOX® >>

High tech joints for demanding patients

Because of the excellent properties, BIOLOX® ball heads and cup inserts made from extremely wear resistant high performance ceramics should always be considered as an option when choosing a hip replacement. In hip replacement applications ceramic wear couples significantly reduce the risk of osteolysis (particle disease due to wear debris) and the associated risk of early implant revision. BIOLOX® Ceramics are bioinert and do not cause any known allergic reactions. They also do not release metal ions and there is no known pathogenic reaction of particles. Ceramic ball heads are less prone to generate some corrosion at the metal neck of the prosthesis and therefore there is no adverse reaction within the human body; but this may not be the case when cobalt chrome heads are used.

In case of revision of the prostheses, the surgeon has in some cases the possibility to change and “upgrade” the bearing couple and use also a ceramic ball head without necessarily removing the whole prosthesis. Components from BIOLOX®delta material are also used in Europe in total knee replacements. Shoulder implants are under development and are not approved by the FDA or other authorities.

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Learn more about CeramTec hip products at ceramtec.com

BIOLOX® Hip Prosthesis Components

Learn more about CeramTec knee products at ceramtec.com

BIOLOX®delta Knee Prosthesis Components

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BIOLOX®OPTION Hip Revision Prosthesis Components

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BIOLOX®delta Shoulder Prosthesis Components