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What is “gait” and why is it important? The simple answer is that “gait” is the pattern of how you walk. But as far as your health and wellbeing are concerned, it is so much more! Your body’s alignment, balance, and mobility all depend on you having normal and coordinated movement. Proper gait is everything.

BoneSmart + OneStep! Recently OneStep partnered with BoneSmart in a pilot physical therapy initiative to evaluate the effectiveness of their gait-based program. It was a huge success, with the app proving to be effective for a wide variety of patient needs – whether you’re pre-habbing for joint replacement surgery, in recovery, or even years down the line and looking to improve your gait, balance, or lingering pain.

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Why OneStep? The OneStep smartphone app is unique in that it provides a constant analysis of your gait so your personal therapist can guide you toward effective exercises and continually assess your progress. All you have to do is drop your phone in your pocket and take a walk of at least 30 seconds to receive a medical-grade gait analysis.

How does the app work? OneStep guides you through every aspect of your therapy program. You are prompted to take walks and perform targeted exercise sequences designed by your personal therapist for your individual needs. When walking, the app reads and records your gait information. It then analyzes performance and progress. Constant personalized feedback is provided to keep you on track and adjust the exercise program as needed. Graphics and charts enhance the information as you progress and you’ll easily see your progress on a daily basis.

What do you get with OneStep?

  • A 2-week free trial of the entire program so you can see how it works for you
  • Unlimited access to your own dedicated personal therapist
  • Continuous gait analysis (all you have to do is put the phone in your pocket and walk)
  • Personalized PT plan developed just for you
  • A daily “walk score”
  • Daily reports that track how far you’ve come and your progress toward your goal
  • 24/7 chat support


Don’t have a BoneSmart username? Before you complete this form Click HERE to register for the BoneSmart website and forum. Once you register return to this page to finish so you can take advantage of 15% off for 6 months.


  • OneStep will contact you to arrange a meeting with the OneStep therapist once you have downloaded the app