Joint Replacement Awareness Day

5th Annual Joint Replacement Awareness Day
Spring 2024

Joint Replacement Awareness Day® is an online educational event for people suffering from joint pain and considering, planning, or having had hip or knee replacement surgery.

We at BoneSmart are excited to announce the 5th Annual Joint Replacement Awareness Day® (JRAD), a free public service educational web event to be streamed LIVE. We want you to be a part of it so make sure you SIGN UP as soon as possible!

JRAD will be the largest online educational event ever to be held on the topic of joint replacement and up to 50,000 people are expected to tune in. It will feature presentations and panel discussions with the top experts in the orthopedic profession including surgeons, nurses, and physical therapists, as well as patients who have gone through the joint replacement process and can speak to its benefits and challenges.

Topics will include:


Watch the entire event or just a single session, its up to you.

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We invite you to support JRAD with a tax-deductible donation to continue this educational program for joint replacement surgery.

We’ll see you there!