MUA knee so stiff<<

I still have the "log leg" feeling at 13 weeks. In fact I was just trying to describe that to my husband today. It's tiring walking around now with that feeling even though my knee is bending better.
Hang in there bland9! I understand as I get anxious easily with this surgery stuff too. My scar is still tight at 12 weeks and I even had a stitch working its way out for 10 weeks, it never popped open.
The folks on this forum are awesome for giving perspective when I get worried.
Thank you all for the great support so far, I do need it.

Guys anyone had a burning or more like a real ripping feeling outside of left side of thigh which is so painful. Just wondered is this a tendon /muscle, though numb to the touch and I can't say I'm over doing exercises at moment as it's little and often so it's not that I'm over doing it, has mostly resting.
I think that burning may be part of the healing process. I have been getting them as well but on my knee cap where most of my invasive work was done. It does feel like a burning hot sensation and tender to touch. I asked about it on my thread and was advised it's part of the healing process. I hope this helps and is reassuring for you.
Hi, your surgery was 2 days before mine. I had my right knee done June 5, but had the left done March 22. It's hard not to obsess over everything we feel and especially if it is different. Each knee and recovery is different. I thought my left recovery was hard but finding out it was a breeze. I have very little flexion with my right so I understand how you feel. My heel slides are a disgrace I feel, but I keep trying! Just keep following the mantras I you will get there. Rest, elevate and ice are the most important. The nice thing is you have a great group here to offer support.
A burning sensation is completely normal. My OS said it was nerves healing and reattaching. My we so bad that I couldn't even stand the sheet on my knee for a few days.
I'm getting really down- pain and bored sitting around watching TV and what's worse just lost my mother 5 weeks ago so that don't help with recovery. She used to be my strength, someone I could talk to. My wife is ok but always out to work etc. Just wonder how soon can a person walk outside of the house, for example to the local shop, to stop me thinking about knee and health all the time
Oh no, I am so very sorry about your mom.

Your knee will be first on your mind and many months, and it should be! Your main goal and job is to get healed. That comes with very gentle movements and no pushing or pulling. This recovery takes at least a year, but you will start to see improvements as the weeks go by. There will also be some back steps. That is normal, especially if you over do exercise and pt. Just treat it like the infant it is and your recovery will be much easier!
The Road to Recovery.JPG
3+ months and my knee is still at the forefront of everything I do. That doesn't mean I can't be distracted now by doing things I enjoy, but that didn't come along until recently.

I learned that you just have to go with it. If you fight it it becomes overwhelming and depressing.

There are good days, bad days and then just regular days.
you asked about the ripping sensation... One day at PT, they had me try something and I felt a feeling for a split second, like velcro ripping - I stopped then and there and said, nope, not doing that ever again. (it was a small bridge). Just be careful if you were trying some sort of exercise. Otherwise, the sensation was most likely healing. There are so many sensations that take place. I'm sure my husband gets tired of hearing, but oh well. I'm so sorry of the passing of your mother. She is still with you in spirit. This process takes a long time and you learn to just live with "another day of healing", "another week of healing", "another month of healing". When I'm down, I pull out my gratitude journal and record just 5 things that I am grateful for. They can be huge, or tiny.... but it definitely works to make me feel better.

You have just come out of what I consider the dark days of healing (first 2 weeks). Things will be better every week. Just don't push it and ice/elevation is your best friend. Can't tell you when you'll be walking outside to the shop, everyone heals on their own time. I felt I was a slow healer and I'm still definitely healing but living life.
just lost my mother 5 weeks ago
I'm so sorry to hear you lost your mother. Not a good thing to cope with when having knee surgery.

I'd really like to offer you some structured advice but in order to do that, I also need to ask you some questions. Are you willing for me to do that?
Attended my appointment with PT yesterday . she looked at scaring and said it looked good and then asked how the knee progressing , I said very painful but improving and I asked about the ripping feeling she stated it was because it been leg/ tendon being realigned has my leg was bowed before op and it because I'm standing/ walking differently so it will take time, though must admit my ego took the better of me and stated my exercises and knee was going great and show her how much it had improved , walking. sitting. bending, even static bike rotations , what a fool I went through to much and now last night and today my leg really hurt and now I'm suffering and laying on bed. so next time I going to say "it going very slowly" and I will take small steps next time with pt , so warning to us all be careful what one say to PT and keep ego at bay if not the ego . try not to rush to feel normal to soon
It's a hard lesson to learn, but we never forget it when we overdo it with the knee! Rest, ice, elevate and medicate, and you should be fine in a few days.
today my new knee is red and really tight cannot hardly bend it so is this normal for the three week time scale just worrying me if knee is has got an infection
You did a lot of exercising yesterday and this is probably just some internal swelling in your knee. Ice and elevate. Once the swelling goes down your knee will start to bend again. Three weeks is very early in the one year recovery time frame of fifty two weeks. You'll feel better before that but it still takes a full year for total healing to occur.

Signs and symptoms of an infection include a fever (greater than 100F). Your knee will be HOT ( it's normal to feel warmer than your other knee), red and your pain will increase all day long. Your knee will also start to ooze at your incision line. It is very rare that you will have an infection. At three weeks out I would think that since you've had no symptoms at all, you don't have an infection.
Yes, the "velcro" sound! I just have to add my story. I had the same thing happen with varying explanations from different health professionals involved in my care after my RTKR Sept, 2018.. It didn't hurt at all but just creeped me out. I listened to the advice from here about " if it doesn't hurt" try not to obsess.
At first when I realized it happened when I went from sitting to standing from a certain degree of flexion, I adapted by sliding my operated foot forward to ENSURE it wouldn't happen!
At some point I guess I got sick of that and decided to just " let 'er rip!"
Well, guess what? I'm one day shy of 3 weeks of my LTKR..... just realized i haven't had the ripping for AGES.
So now I'm focused on my new left knee and watching my silly mind find new things to worry about.
I can't even put into words what the support in this forum has meant to me.
If your ripping doesn't hurt, make friends with it and gently see what happens.
I think there are a few other reports about the ripping thing? Anyway.....keep on keepin on.
I have to repeat the bonesmart mantras every day. We are SO conditioned to be fast and competetive.
I read that you did static bike rotations and said WOW out loud so loud that my DH asked "what?" When I told him, he said "why don't you try also." I had to *emphatically* let him know my physiotherapist said at week 3 it was too early to try. ( I had asked her 3 days ago.)
I'd be vigilant but do try elevating, ice packs and resting one entire day and see how it reacts.
Do let us know.
Beautiful day here today went for a 40 min walk , knee was really stiff and swollen abit while walking but boy make me feel a lot brighter , though writing this resting am now on bed and watching TV resting it, my wife perhaps will be annoyed I walked so far and I guess I will see tonight if it was wise and she right , but the need to feel normal again is overriding, though after this struggle not sure if I was going to have the other knee done , but with this short walk I noticed how painful my un-op leg is so may have no choice though concern about amount of time having off work. how soon do others return to work I would like to know I know we are all different but there must be an average, I do a job that I am on my legs most of the day
Let your knee tell you what it is ready to do. At least, that's what I found works best. If my knee(s) complains, as in swells or hurts, about anything I do, that tells me to not do it again for a few days, or a week. I'm six weeks out now and my knees both are telling me they can do things that at three weeks they did not like. Long walks. Going up or down steps. They let me know when they were feeling up to the activity.
well here I am again and feels so much of a relief I can have a grumble and someone to listen , I enjoyed my walk today and had no problem but this evening doing my gentle exercises makes my leg hurt so much I do find it difficult to just sit on a hard chair doing them heel slides , static cycle only 5 relutions and no more , find bending knee the worse, sometime wonder if it be better just to do nothing but walking exercises , and another grumble is reading what others are taking for pain relief make me wonder if I'm on the right medication I on Solpadol 30mg -2 tabs 4 times daily and I must say they not very effective .any idea views, doctor refuse to give anything else

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