THR I think its time...THR.

@tanvat All the best tomorrow! I hope all goes well for you.

Many of our members have staged THRs. Technically it's not bilateral unless you have both hips replaced in one procedure. We have seen members wait months. But there have also been members who only wait a few weeks. It all depends on your own medical situation and your surgeons take on this. Best to have a good discussion with your surgeon.

See you on the other side soon!

Thanks for the response. I hope to stage them 8 - 10 weeks apart. The sooner I can do it that sooner I can be on the road to recovery. It it goes well, and I do my part, I want be in the mountains again next summer - but we'll break in the new hips easy and have llamas to carry gear instead of backpacks. Want and need these hips to see me through as long as possible!
@tanvat Have a good trip. I dealt with increasing pain and loss of range of motion. For me the loss was in toward centre and up toward chest. I was dealing with that but my trigger point for the surgery was aching pain just lying in bed.
Yes, that was the point for me too. I cannot believe the difference in my sleep since having the surgery. I rarely slept more than an hour at a time and frequently 4 hours or less a night. I was constantly awake with pain and had really just resigned myself to constantly being tired. I am amazed that I can now sleep thorough comfortably and a friend told me last week that I look 10 years younger since having the surgery ! I was exhausted and drained constantly before. I guess in addition to the pain relief the added benefit is that it takes years off your looks - ha, ha!
I was a hospital RN and have lupus causing osteoarthritis. Like you I waited awhile but in 2019 at age 57 it became to severe, basically I could not walk so proceeded with a THR in my right. Even though I was in acute pain immediately after surgery, it was nothing like the OA pain and only lasted at 8 for about 2 days then periodically that high but by week 3/4 I was only taking one pain med in am and pm. I knew while in the hospital I was a real bonehead to have delayed this surgery for so long because the surgery has been great after the first year.
I’ve not really even thought much about it . .. X-rays and dentist appointments (antibiotic needed) about the only times.

So now that my left is hurting, I had one steroid injection but it didn’t really help at all, so I’m going back to do the surgery. I know it’s only going to get worse and I’m ready to do things at my young age.
I also look at my Dad at age 85 who is doing amazing and has nothing wrong and is very active. I know he could have hip surgery with no issues. My mother in law had hers 5 years ago at age 92 with very little problems. (Took her about 6 weeks to get back to her normal activities of running our cattle farm). Today at age 96 she’s still amazing - uses her walker for balance and as a chair when out and about.
So I figure we all have our day that we will die somewhere out there. I’m not going to base living on the “what might happens”.

Well just read you had the surgery. Hope all is going good !
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