Knee Infection* getting there

Congrats on finishing IV antibiotics, I know how that feels. I hope your infection is at bay and healing can begin!
Hello Crowwood and Starsfan22,

I've been reading your threads, and my heart goes out to you both. I, too, am having issues and infections in my Revision left knee. I've been fighting this problem since July 17, 2020, and am not sure where it will end. It's why I can imagine how you both feel. Crowwood, I see you are scheduled for surgery on April 1, 2022. That has to be a great day for you, putting it finally behind you. I've always felt with any challenge, if you can put the awful experiences in front of you and fix it, the rest is all up with a smooth ending! Make sure you understand exactly what your surgeon's plan is for the Revision so you can know how to recover laying in everything you need.

Although I only know to refer to you as Crowwood, I would like to, with your permission, submit that name for an International Prayer Chain I belong to. Believing in prayers is where I pull what strength I have, and I would like that for you to never deal with the infection or any complications but smooth sailing!

No one yet knows what my fate will be, but I believe it has to get better. I asked a therapist what someone can do to keep muscles from atrophying, and she told me that if someone has a partner that could massage that affected leg (not the knee), it should help some. But ask your surgeon first. I strongly recommend that you read the physical therapy on BoneSmart, so you know not to allow anyone to push you too hard. You are the Captain of your body and can do whatever you desire. Bone Smart has a different approach than most, with their suggestions way ahead of others.

Good Luck!
The Second stage surgery was completed on the 1st April as planned. I spent four days afterwards in hospital and am now very pleased to be home with my new knee joint looking very firmly in place. A number of samples were taken during surgery and all have proved clear of any infection, so my fingers are firmly crossed that after 2 and a half years my Streptococcus invader has been eradicated.

The consultant has advised me that I can now stop taking antibiotics...yippee........goodness knows just how much Amoxycillin I have consumed since September 2019 ! Now, its a matter of rest and recovery...........

getting there
Hi @Crowwood , good to see that you're well on the mend. If I didn't have similar hardware in my leg, I'd get the heebee jeebees looking at your XRay!!

All the best on your continued recovery!
I’m glad things are going so well!
How was your surgery on April 1st? I hope well and you are on the last part of this journey. I am in the middle of the infection nightmare right now so know where you’ve been. I admire your positive attitude and can’t say that I have been that positive. Best wishes for getting better day by day at this point.
I am now 6 weeks post second stage knee replacement and it appears that the infection has finally cleared. I stopped the antibiotics after the surgery and have now finished with pain killers too. The knee recovery is going very well. I saw the consultant yesterday and he is very happy with my progress and with the ROM in my knee. I am walking a lot and can do without crutches most of the day.

There is still some swelling but the worse bit at the moment is soreness/itchiness along the scar site. The consultant was not very interested and not worried about it, but I am ! It looks inflamed to me and sore particularly when trousers rub against it. I am icing the knee and have kept it dry. I tried a anti-histamine cream but that made it worse. Is this normal ?
I have been given the date of 1st April for my surgery, the second part of the two stage revision. The NHS here is very stretched with staff absences and burn-out so I am grateful to have something to put in my diary. My last intravenous antibiotic happened on monday and the line is now out. I found the Teicopanin really exhausting so am pleased to be off it.
I hope you continue to do well!
I too have an infection and am scheduled for removal of spacer and revision Monday. Your story is encouraging; of course I’m anxious.

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