THR Can’t put sock on operated leg 9 weeks post THR

May 8 2023 will be 3 months post op of total anterior right hip replacement. I still can not put any thing on my right foot. when i sit and bend over to put my right shoe on i cant reach my foot. its like I have something jammed in the crease of my thigh. hip flexor is numb, painful and tight all the time. Hurts to sit becasue its feel jammed. I cant lay down flat because hip flexor is tight and pulls. I feel for everyone on here. I think more about this useless hip then my loved ones. Very time consuming.
Sometimes I feel like I am happy my dr told me i had the 90degree rule. Never tried to put on my shoes without a long shoe horn and I didnt feel my his was jammed because I couldn't bend that way. I bet I would feel the same way as you are at 3 months. I couldn't bend per his instructions until the 16th week. Just because your Dr doesnt give these guidelines doesnt mean that if you try it your body will give its own guidelines! i think it is perfectly normal where you are at
I'm 11 weeks out and struggle the same way! I can't tell if it's glute muscles that are too tight, or if my thigh is still swollen and I can't tell. It's very frustrating not to be able to bend over very well.

My THR (right) was March 6, 2023, 60 days before this posting. I am a 71 yo male. I have been a ballroom dancer most of my adult life and cyclist in recent years. Last summer 2022, I started having pains radiating from my lower back down the right leg and into the right knee. My OS said it was due to arthritis in the lumbar spine and referred me to a neurosurgeon. The MRI showed calciferous spurs in the foramen of L5. The neurosurgeon performed a partial L5 laminectomy in September 2022. After the post op meds wore off I started walking and the same pain I had pre op came back, so in November 2022 I went to an OS specializing in hips, and the simple Xray nobody ordered before showed bone on bone in the right hip and said THR was only answer. So I had THR March 6. Early recovery was not too bad, (good meds) and had some very light in home PT visits and stopped opiates at day 8. About the same time I graduated from walker to cane and started short walks. Started driving to PT at week 4. First two weeks they worked on getting the swelling down. Then after follow up with surgeon who pronounced me good to go, at 6 weeks they ramped it up, then almost immediately the same back to knee pain came right back only now on both sides. So now I am at 8 weeks and wondering if 1) they actually know why I hurt and 2) if this is going to get better. PT says I am still “fresh” and to have patience and not give up. I did have a 1.5 mile walk today with some pain, but I did not have to sit down halfway as I usually do.
It’s hard to know how much to walk. There are people here who seem to do a couple of miles before breakfast, and then again in the evening.
My husband bought me a bottle of champagne for Valentine, and said I could drink it once I could walk to the post box and back. Not much more than half a mile. I did that.
I drank the champagne, and then a day or two later did a longer walk.
Then I was so stiff and sore that I was limping, and my physio put me back on crutches.
I have been doing much less recently and icing constantly, and taking ibuprofen.
I think I am improving. My hip and thigh are a lot less painful, although the problem hasn’t completely gone away.
I think from talking to the excellent people here that the problem is being caused by the fact that I have been limping for about twenty years, after smashing up my knee in a hiking accident.
I had a new knee, and about half a new tibia in twenty twelve so was much better for a while until my hip became bone on bone.
I suspect that now, my bones are OK, but my muscles, tendons and ligaments aren’t.
I am trying to go out each day, and do what is necessary, without walking too much in any day.
I went to the hairdressers on Tuesday, the nail bar on Wednesday, and walked around a clothes shop to buy a birthday present for my 7 year old granddaughter yesterday.
Tonight I am taking some painkillers and going to a concert.
I am hoping that keeping busy but not overdoing it will bring a positive result.
I am about 14 weeks from surgery.
So not a classic recovery, but as they say here, every recovery is different.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I hope all continues to go well for you. Take care and stay in touch!
Thank you Layla for your good wishes- still putting sock on on operated leg but it’s still not with ease but better. Bending down to pick things up and sleeping better with a tiny pillow between knees. Feeling more tired now as doing much more with regards to housework and walking 1 to 2 miles a day. Getting a bit of low back ache but a bit frightened to go back to chiropractor- I had been seeing him every 4 weeks to keep moving - will give it a bit longer before I go back. Anybody else had this dilemma? I know not everybody gets on with chiropractic treatment but he has always helped me and my husband with our backs but couldn’t help with the hip. On a lighter note taking our grandson to Boulogne-sur-Mer at half term. Just hope I can keep up the pace
You're welcome!
It sounds like you're doing well. I hope the back pain eases soon. With any luck your chiropractor can help. I tried chiropractic with my hip also, with the hope of avoiding surgery, but I was dreaming. Didn't help.
Now I'm off to look up Boulogne-sur-Mer. I've never heard of it. I hope you enjoy!
I'm 10 weeks post surgery and also struggle putting my shoe and sock on the operated side. Sometimes I can do it and other times I can't... So you're not alone!
I remember it took easy 4+ months for me to be able to get that sock and shoe on!! I could walk lots by 4 months but yea getting the leg up to get that sock on and tie the shoe was not easy. Prop, up on a stool, that was one way to get them tied. Didn't wear socks much!!
I remember it took easy 4+ months for me to be able to get that sock and shoe on!! I could walk lots by 4 months but yea getting the leg up to get that sock on and tie the shoe was not easy. Prop, up on a stool, that was one way to get them tied. Didn't wear socks much!!
That’s what I do. I have a little foot stool so I can bring my leg that much closer with some support as I wrangle my sock on and tie my shoe.
Same here I have 3 stairs that go into family room and if I sit on 2nd lowest stair I can put my shoes and socks on!

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